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  1. Thanks for posting both of those ads. I have seen them on the web. My big question is about the pickups, i.e the velvet bricks. My 1979 SG has chrome covered pickups, and when I pulled them during a cleaning/ restringing I found no serial or ID numbers. Does anyone else have one like this? Mine sounds super duper sweet but just wondering if Gibson put them out like this (chrome pickup covers) or are they after market? I pulled the covers and its just an old ceramic or resin block in there. The pots and switch seem to be original. By the way Neogeoriffic this may get me banned from this forum but dont think that I have not noticed your passive aggressive b.s. towards my postings. I just wanted to learn a bit of history about this guitar. After viewing all your postings I feel that if you played a little less Dungeons an Dragons and pickup your guitar instead of poking at folks on this forum you may find yourself a bit happier in the end. I know your type. Mister know a little about something thinks he knows everything. Never argue with an idiot—they'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience" This must be a warning about you. ******bag.
  2. Yea Murph that is a beauty. Like I said my is truly a beater but I never think of getting rid of it. Has a lot of character. The varnish or stain has worn off the back of the neck, and I see this a lot with this model. This is my first guitar with an ebony fret board. I now understand the difference. Thanks for sharing your The SG info and pics. I will try to post a few pics of mine. 1979 "The SG 1980 Les Paul Standard Epiphone EJ300 Acoustic Parker P38 Many various tube amps
  3. "You're welcome to your opinions but you might wanna do a bit more research on the subject first." Huh?
  4. Does anyone have one of these guitars? Walnut tone wood, ebony fretboard grover tuners. I see these for sale often for around 5 or 600 dollars. Granted they are not the prettiest looking SG's in history but the tone is really sweet. It looks like Gibson was in a big hurry and quality control was lower (aesthetically) than usual. They still dont offer up a pretty penny the way other SG's do. I have one the gold Gibson logo long gone on the headstock, but serial number remains. This one was not taken very good care of before it ended up in my hands. Seems to have been painted and stripped a couple of times, poor thing. And it has a really cool dot fret marker in the first fret. Anyway just trying to start a thread about this particular model. I am sure if some famous guy was seen using one the price would go up. Anyway it is more about the sound than collector value. Right?
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