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  1. LOL... 😄 ...maybe in another life, but you know...never say never! 🙂
  2. Thank you all for your support and opinions, I think I'll keep the guitar after all. It just sounds so good and I have a great feel with it. Estethic it's important for this pricey gear, but I must remember that first of all it's importanti how it sounds and feels to me. Hope that this issues could be fixed somehow by a good guitar tech maybe, I need to change the strings too cause I think that after 4 years of storage from factory they just need a replacement (tuning stability and elasticity especially during bending). I'm in contact with the shop for all this things, I 'll ask for a partial refund maybe.
  3. Thanks a lot for your point of view, I agree with you. It's not a cheap guitar for sure, so I honestly didn't expect these kind of "issues" on it. The guitar it's brand new but I think was keep stored in his case since July 2016, so almost 4 years now. But it plays damn good, and I like so much the feel I have with it. I need to think about this for a while but actually I just don't want to send it back but also I'm not 100% happy due to this estethic issues.
  4. Thanks for your suggestion, I already tried with polish (Dunlop 65) but it doesn't works. You can't "feel" it with the hand, so it doesn't seems like a "crack" in the binding but I could be wrong. The guitar itself it's great, I love the way it sounds and the feel but I'm a bit disappointed on this. I could return it in 30 days, but I think it's just a minor esthetic issue. What do you suggest? Also, this is the last Fireball in the shop, I should change the color too to one available. I also noticed that the mother of pearl inlay seems to be scracthed in someway (vertical lines), it's hard to described, I have 2 Jackson USA with and the mother of pearl looks very "perfect" in those. Last thing, the guitar it's from 2016 brand new, closed case. Once opened, the strings was so much out of tune, 2-3 tones under the "E". Once tuned correctly, it needed a truss-rod adjust in order to avoid the fret buzz. Is this normal for a Gibson guitar or maybe I have to worried about this? Neck looks fine after the truss rod, action is very low and every fret sounds good now.
  5. Not on the 2016 HP model for sure, I think they stop doing that since 2014 (I'm not sure!).
  6. Hi all, this is my first Gibson ever and I am very excited. Just arrived yesterday and I can't stop play it! First time also I ever bought an instrument online. So, the guitar it's IMO beautiful, the Fireball finish (or Fire Burst) it's awesome, one of the best TOP ever seen. The sound is amazing, the neck fantastic...but there is something I am worried about. On the last fret, the binding has some "mark" on it, I tried to clean it with polish but it doesn't works. There's also some trace of "something" on the last fret as well. Is this "normal" for a Gibson? I have 2 Jackson USA (RR1 and SL1) with binding and both are perfect in every single details, also my Ibanez RGT3020. Thanks in advance!
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