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  1. And the on-line guys might not have any of the new ones left, for now. I know the 60's Tribute Studio is flying out of the stores, not sure about the rest. Plus the on line guys have backstock they'll be trying to push out the doors. Try www.davesguitar.com it's the store I always go too, and they do a ton of online business. Good guys, if they don't have what you're looking for, they'll try to find it.
  2. It was fairly recent. I think the Studio Vintage Mahogany (VM) is still available with the all mahogany body. It seems that Gibson made a concious decision to put maple tops on most of the Studios starting last year, and it's really kicked in now. The success of the 50's Tribute Studo Les Paul may have encouraged the move by showing that they could make a maple capped Lester, make it look good, and still keep it in reach of the average player out there.
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