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  1. Yeah, if they'd sold the 84 - 85 explorer i would of got that, i love the Explorer, Just wish Gibson didn't route out underneath the pickguard. Although i'm happy since this kinda resembles the 84 explorer and it has Dirty Fingers 😄 And it's in one of my favorite color schemes, black on black baby, white with black hardware would of been cool aswell.
  2. UPDATE: Got a new one, looks great no cracks or dings, sounds great too. Time to do a setup and intonation and then i'm good to go 😄
  3. Yeah i'd imagine something like that would of happened. The box has got some ****ed up corners and dents and so on.
  4. Yes! Now i will have to wait for UPS to get here so they can look at the box and such.
  5. Got an answer from Thomann, pretty sure im getting a replacement 😄
  6. I'm hoping to see Metallica live on the next tour. It'll be my first concert ever lol.
  7. Yep, i love explorers, i just knew Explorers was my thing, such a simple yet a very very effective design, i wanted the 1984 Epi explorer before but saved up, it was worth it besides the neck crack.
  8. I really hope i can get a replacement for it, because i loooove the Dirty Fingers so much, it paired up with my JCM800 sounds like Ride the Lightning all over again.
  9. Yeah, strings were slacked, they better give me a replacement, i'm not in the mood of wasting $900. And if they don't have any replacements, i guess i'll go to the local guitar store. I also noticed now, that there is a big bump where the finish meets the fretboard, i guess i just got a bad lemon or dud as its called.
  10. It came from Thomann in Germany, and brand new, hoping i can get a replacement. I'm guessing some idiot at UPS slipped and dropped it somewhere in Denmark or something. I gotta say the packaging was trash from Gibson, no packing peanuts, like 2 small sheets of bubblewrap and a headstock holder thingymajig, no support on the sides no nothing. The Thomann box was even worse, nothing but air.
  11. Alright i will do, thank you for helping me out i greatly appreciate it, and i also noticed it had some dings in the lower bout. That's a great start for me as a Gibson owner xD hahah
  12. Hi there, i just bought my first ever Gibson guitar and this is what i'm greeted by, is this normal or should i return it? I don't really care if there's dings or anything but i just want to know that it's structurally sound and that the headstock isn't gonna snap off.
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