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  1. Hello everyone - thanks for the replies & info! Yes, I do have the back cover (that's what the mic is sitting on in the picture above).
  2. I’ve inherited an amp, mic, and an old Kay mandolin with pickup: I understand that the “220951” code on the speaker rim means Jensen, year 9 (likely 1959?), week 51. As for the other code on it, “ST 744 F12S C5069”, ST 744 may be a model number, and F12S means Field coil, 12”, Standard series? No Gibson model # visible anywhere on the case or the Amp itself. There’s a plate on the mic - THE ASTATIC CORP, Conneaut Ohio, model DN-HZ, number B341855. The pickup says De Armond, Rowe Industries, Toledo. A friend told me there’s a distinction between magnetic vs. acoustic p
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