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  1. Hello. This is an old post, but here is a new response. I am an acoustic violin and mandolin player, but I had an interesting opportunity to buy a 2007 ES-339 at a fair price that found its way out of a studio arsenal here in Hollywood. It has been highly modified with completely different pickups, but sounds nice. I tested it on a rocker's Marshall Stack and couldn't really make any sense out of the sound I was hearing. My motivation is to learn all those exotic Jazz Comps, and the rocker's stack didn't work for me. Also, the strings on it (super slinkies) didn't work for me
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    I bought one of the early 2007 ES-339s, fat neck, vintage sunburst, last week and have been playing it over the long weekend. I am not a guitar player so much, but I need a break from violin, so I'm going to start working on improving my guitar skills. This guitar has been highly modified, so I don't know about the "Memphis Wiring". I opened it up to look at the pickups to try to diagnose a dead e-string problem, and see that neither of the pickups are originals. They are (expensive) upgrades. The finish has some checking, and there are nicks and dings, but I don't mind that. I
  3. Putting covers on my humbuckers and figuring out how to play the prelude to Bach’s first cello suite on my ES-339.
  4. Greetings, all. I have just acquired and ES-339 built in 2007. Could someone interpret this model number for me? What does it tell me about the guitar: ES3399AVSNH1 EDIT: I've sorted out the VS (Vintage Sunburst) and the NH (Nickel hardware) The 9A and 1 are still perplexing. This guitar and the '50's (fat and round) neck. Kluson tuners with celluloid buttons that kind of look like the tuners on my 1956 A-5 Mandolin. Jack
  5. I am a long time owner of Gibson mandolins (I’ve got 3 mandolins and one mandola), but have just acquired a Custom Shop ES-339. I’m here to learn more guitar lore. Jack Roberts
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