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  1. Thanks guys. And no there is absolutely no serial or FON numbers anywhere outside or inside. I determined the year by the 16" body, logo style, dot inlays, 3 on 1 tuners..... I acquired it for $150 and it genuinely plays well....so I'll just keep it for now......its my first arch top acoustic and i have to say its a refreshing experience. Last pic but checkout the fret board on top three frets.........Its like someone died holding it! Who plays in one spot that much? lol Again, thanks for your help and info.
  2. Hey everyone, I have what I believe to be a 1943 Gibson L-50 in ebony. There are several concerns I have about if its a real Gibson and what has been done to it if it is. I've included some pics of the guitar and the things that concern me. Any info would be much appreciated. First off it has binding around the F-Holes. I haven't found any models online with this feature, but finding a 1943 in ebony is another trick all together it seems. Secondly it has obviously been painted or at least the headstock has. As you can see in the pic the logo is on the original surface and the Glossy paint around it is elevated. hmmmmm And 3rd I notice vertical lines in the finishes of the few ebony archtops I've seen but these seem more pronouced. And wehen i removed the pick guard it looks like a patched hole or....well I don't know wtf it could have been.....
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