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  1. I figured it was time to put the Les Paul DC I got at the beginning of this virus away and bring out my old Les Paul Standard. Well after opening the case, and getting ready to tune, I saw how ratty the strings were looking and decided to replace them with a new set of DRs. Well, after getting the strings off, I saw how rough the fret board was looking and set about cleaning and conditioning it. After that, I decided the frets could sure use a polishing. With that done, it was apparent that everything could use a good polishing. Next it was time to finally put on those new strings, only to discover the tuner for the bass side E string was worn out, so now it's time to logon to Sweetwater for a new set of Gibson tuners. Maybe I should have just left the DC on the stand.
  2. I picked up both a DC bass in brown and a DC guitar in blue when they went on sale and love them both!
  3. I kept thinking the Fretboard looked really dry and figured it was a good time to condition it. Made a big difference as seen in the before and after photo.
  4. I can't believe how light it is!
  5. Always wanted a Firebird and really loved the Pelham Blue!
  6. Time to move them out for the new stock!
  7. I decided to go with the same one you got for the Bass and just placed it on order. I wound up getting a brown Gibson case for the Guitar.
  8. So far I'm really happy with the P90 pups. I'm also really surprised they are virtually hum free, although I do have an occasional pop.
  9. Yes you can do it online on Gibson's website. https://www.gibson.com/Support/Warranty-Registration
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