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  1. I welcome other suggestions, but that might be close. Nice flames in the maple!
  2. It would be helpful if you posted a photo, but it would probably go something like Les Paul Deluxe Light Cherry Burst or something similar.
  3. I've got 3 Gibson guitars with P90s and I wouldn't give any of them up!
  4. Wow, that poor old girl took quite the beating! 😨
  5. Well the wife and I got our second shot of Pfizer today. Hopefully in 2 weeks she will let me back out in the real world!
  6. Me and the wife have our second shots scheduled for this week.
  7. I remember buying the cassette back in the late '70s when I was in the Navy and blasting it through the stereo of a '71 Chevy Malibu coupe.
  8. Yes it went to the Gibson R&R Shop in Nashville. It had 2 stripped out tuner holes in the head that were drilled out, plugged, and had proper sized holes drilled. Then it had a pro setup with new strings. I think it was about $320 for the repair that covered return shipping and about another $120 for the setup.
  9. I just had my Les Paul serviced by them last week. They had to drill out and insert dowel pins into two stripped out tuner mounting holes. After that they performed a Pro-Setup with new strings. Came back in great shape!
  10. While the guitar was back in Gibson's possession, it was inspected for authenticity and a COA was written up after paying a service charge. It came back with the guitar in a little black booklet with Gibson on the cover.
  11. I had my 2005 Les Paul Standard into the Gibson shop in Nashville for some work and a pro setup. While it was there already in the shop, I was offered the opportunity to have the shop draw up a new COA for me. Since Guitar Center never gave me one when I bought it new, I jumped at the chance. The Gibson R&R Shop crew do great work, are really friendly, and were really nice to work with!
  12. That bridge is close to my Father-in-law’s place in Athol.
  13. Sounds like me. I bought a new Strat 20 years ago and it is still sitting in the case Never been played.
  14. Not that I’ve heard. I’m keeping an eye on it because my Les Paul is there for some work.
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