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  1. I'm only allowed one photo. If adding one here is not permitted I will remove this post. The gold is not as strong as the reflection in the photo suggests.
  2. I've had number 893,000 for over 40 years now. It's time to move it along as it's clear that the guitar is going to out-live me. Everything is original, no parts replacements or repairs have been done. This is a late 1969 with a pancake body. The three-piece neck has a volute but no "Made in USA" stamp. Needless to say, it sings. What can I sell it for and where should I advertise it? Thanks for your time.
  3. Not a Custom, a Studio Custom. Note the headstock and the dot fingerboard markers. .
  4. Unusual tailpiece. Sorry, I'm only allowed to post one photo and make one post.
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