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  1. Enjoyed the sunlight for a little bit today since it was ugly most of the week. Sold a guitar and did some paint fills on some whiskey dents in my Music Man now that the humidity has dropped some.
  2. Hello all. My name is Chris and I live in Texas. I've been playing guitar for quite a few years and my interest in guitars started back in the late 80's. As time has progressed, I've owned quite a few Gibsons but am now reduced to a single Gibson and an Epiphone. I have other guitars but those would likely be considered "off topic" here. Anyway, look forward to hanging around the forums and contributing where and when I can. See you around.
  3. As found in the Epiphone Serial Number Decoding thread in the Epiphone Acoustics section: F - Qingdao (China) = Les Paul Standard '59 / '60 / Tribute Models (see bottom of post on F-Serial Numbers Used on LP Std'59/'60 models and Tribute/Plus models) F-Serial Numbers on Les Paul Standard '59/'60 Models and Tribute/Plus Models The latest serial number system used by Epiphone has not yet been completely deciphered. The new "F" models are made in China. The new system seems to be just continously running model numbers rather than a dedicated code for year, month, and place of manufacture. F300000 = late 2009 used on LP Std'59/Std'60/Tribute models Continued around F310650~F311050 in spring 2012 on Tribute-Plus models Continued around F305000 in 2011 Continued around F310000 in 2012 Continued around F317000 in 2013 Continued around F324000 in 2014 Continued around F330000 in 2015
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