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  1. I just bought a used Trans-scale and put a set of D'Addario Jazz Mediums (.13 - .56) on it. The limitation here is in what the single-end adaptor can take. I tried a .65 and it wouldn't go in. The .56 fit without a problem, so the max is somewhere between those two. I saw that Steinberger used to have a double-ball set of .13 - .62, but I haven't been able to find them online. With this .13 - .56 set, I can tune down to A-to-A easily, but the low tension has it sounding a little muddy and hitting the fretboard too much. So, I tuned it to B-to-B and it sounds and feels great now. It has a guitar-like tension and the low B rings clearly. Now, I'm excited about it. I know Ned's intention was for an easily-convertible drop D, but I can achieve that sound on any of my guitars, I wanted something that sounded noticeable different but still played like a guitar. This B-to-B seems to be working out, even if it makes the weird offset-side-fret-marker system even less useful. So, that's my tip for anyone else who finds themselves hitting this thread after buying an old, unpopular, weirdo guitar on a whim.
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