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    3/4 size ES models

    I had one of the LG2 3/4 as well, but it needed too much work so moved it sideways. Ditto a couple other LG models, LG1 and a rather nice LG 2, but it was a tad too big for my messed up left arm. Kind of wish I kept the LG2 though, sounded quite nice in the mid range. I use a couple early sixties Guild M20 models now for acoustic, but I feel an itch to trade or sell one of them and try something else. Just can't help myself I guess.
  2. JAD

    3/4 size ES models

    Thanks for the hints. Its funny on the pricing of the 3/4 size ES series old Gibsons. The price guides keep showing lower values than they are commonly offered for. And some Japaneses buyer obviously bought up a lot of them several years ago, and is trying to make killing on them now on e bay. But I see one now and then on G base, reverb.com or even E bay at a decent price. I got to 'pull the trigger' as you say one of these times.
  3. JAD

    3/4 size ES models

    Nice as the 339 looks, it is actually considerably larger lower bout and neck width than the es125 3/4 or the es140.
  4. JAD

    3/4 size ES models

    I've owned so many Gibson guitars over the years, I'm over seventy now, that I lose track, and I wish I'd kept them all! I'm probably going to buy another 3/4 size oldie and hopefully a goodie soon. An old elbow injury makes the 3/4 size necessary and as I've gotten older the need for small body small neck has become even more so. I've owned several ES 125 3/4 and one ES140, which is pretty much the same as the ES125 3/4 but with the cutaway. I traded or sold all those and of course wish I hadn't, so I am looking, will buy one by late spring probably. But I would rather buy a brand new reissue of one of these old classics! I'm sure there are others would snap one up? The guitar I played the most when I was young was an early 70s SG I bought new, that was stolen and I never replaced it. I don't believe Gibson ever made a 3/4 size version of that? Anyway, I like arch-tops. Like most guitar players, I used to buy and sell or trade guitars like crazy. Had an ES 125T a 225T and a few other similar Gibson arch-tops I can't recall the exact model of now, but they all would be too big now with my messed up elbow. Well, that's my problem, and my dream request to Gibson design team is for a 3/4 size arch top reissue. Thanks for listening.
  5. Very helpful review, the description of the neck especially so as I require a smaller neck. Thus I must cross this one off my list, but appreciate the details given. I sure wish Gibson would do a modern reissue of either the ES 125T 3/4 with the small neck, or the ES 140 3/4 with the neck about 1 & 1/2 at the nut. An old injury necessitates such for me. The largest I can handle now is 1 & 5/8 width at the nut. But that's my problem, although I bet others have similar needs in a small arch-top. I must say this Olympic sounds great for the price.
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