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  1. Lithium Batteries ,thats a great tip ....going to check out the Mi-Si system out of interest
  2. Hi , To those who might be interested Just thought I would give a progress report on my self repair on my J200 , pleased to advise 24hrs later the pickguard still remains flat well adhered to to the soundboard . Hopefully it stays put , so again many thanks for all your advice and tips. Possibly , divine intervention might have played a part as well . Just put a new set of 52-11,s Elixir nanowebs on her and , and I fallen back in love with her . My next problem is the fabric battery pack velcroed to the neck stump inside the guitar , Has anybody yet found a better solution?. I noted a valid comment about checking and changing a battery before a gig , but I, ve often forgotten , only human after all . I often wonder why, in this day and age an onboard guitar preamp system has ,nt yet been produced that could be charged by a USB socket charger system similar to a mobile phone. Contacted Gibson Europe about it , but they didn,t pass any comment . I am starting to think to think I might need some therapy Keep on strumming ,
  3. Hi ,just t a brief post surgery report , for those of you who may be intersted . The Gibson J200 was entered into theatre at approx , 15.00 hrs ,operation completed approx 16.10 hrs all has gone well , the patient is recovering well ,and not a trace of sticky left on the pickguard or soundboard thanks to a gentle napther cleanse .No damage to the varnish at all , ( very small patch test carried out on the back of the neck to check prior to commencement ) 3M 476 ahesive double sided sheet utilised during the procedure , and a 4mm perimeter excess allowed on the edge of the pikguard ahesive sheet (handy tip from a local luthier) , to ensure good edge ahesion ,and the pickguard was placed directly over the original footprint of the pick guard ,even pressure applied and the he adhesion seems to have been a complete success . Any excess perimeter sticky was effectively removed with a gentle rolling thumb pressure. Meanwhile the patient is recuperating , with a leather book(Bible) resting on the pickguard to ensure gentle even pressure . I will check on the condition in the morning , but all seems well , and will keep you posted . So many thanks for your advice and tips, .definitely not allowing near any silicon polishes in future. Hoping I might have solved the problem. Signing off from the banks of the River Thames near Windsor ,UK. Keep on strumming .. Clive
  4. Hi Guys, Thanks for all the advice, goes to show never too old to learn. My plan is to use "the napther idea " ( guessing thats lighter fuel Zippo etc.) to remove the sticky mess left underneath the redundant pickguard , reapply 3m, super strong adhesive film sheet to the underside . Remove the existing pickguard,carefully ,then use a small amount of napther on a soft cloth to to clean off any remaining adhesive surface of the guitar , and to remove any silicone residue that may be present to prepare surface ,then carefully apply pressure with a warm cloth pad,to ensure pickguard evenly stuck . The clamping idea seems great , but noticed that the guy was using wood glue directly on to the Martin guitar barewood so not sure if that is applicable to my dilemma . Thinking about the silicone polish comment ,I,m wondering if it may be the root cause of the problem, got to fall on my sword , put my hands up and admit I,ve never checked if the polishes i,ve used contain high quanties of silicone, so just purchased bottle of Dunlop 65 , for future use . Does my plan seem feasible , or am I heading straight into more problems ? . Incidentally ,I have taken the guitar to several luthiers , however the response is that , yes , they can stick it down, but none seem to be able to "guarantee" it will not lift. Regarding not playing the guitar, for live gigging I tend to use Takamine ,Taylor, Martin etc. as they are fairly robust and should a battery need changing mid set its a really simple and quick problem to resolve, unlike the J200 which has got an absolutely ridiculous velcro battery pack pouch system tucked inside the guitar , but hey ,thats another story and problem to talk about some other time . Still love the guitar , just want to love it more .. Happy Strumming Clive
  5. Hi, I am very new to this site,so getting used to it ,also struggling to attach any pics. However ,the original pickguard came with the 2005 Gibson j200 antique natural guitar ,but I did purchase this preowned , but in immaculate hardly used condition in 2013. So can,t conirm if it was the original pickguard, looked fine and intact when I first got it , after about 2 months , started to see the pickguard lifting then started to try to rectify . Sadly it appears the previous had used contact type glue to hold ithe pickguard down , and upon very careful removal ,I saw that it had been glues down a few times at the spots where it was lifting , but surprisingly no adhesive remained on the sounboard and the only sign of damage to the still intact varnish ,was a pickguard shaped shadowing effect to the soundboard under the varnish. Tried the renowned Gibson approved stores im the UK for advice to no avail , eventually Gibson Europe agency , kindly despatched a replacement with adhesive film attached , exactly the same as original. The soundboard surface was dabbed with a very small of mild soap cleanser with cotton buds and left to dry for 24 hrs , When dried I removed the adhesive protection film on back of pickguard , warmed up the area with warm dry cotton pad,and carefully stuck the pickguard in position. Looked great, well pleased , put it back in its case , and didnt pick it up again for say 3 months , unfortunately the curl had started on this new one. Since , I have tried to firefight the dry patches with 3M adhesive film patches , that last for a few days , but not adhesive enough to prevent the curl. This problem only occurs to this guitar in my collection m the
  6. Can anybody out there in Gibsonville help me, Despite trying 2 actual Gibson pickguards and self applying,using all the correct techniques advised by luthiers ,I still can,t solve the problem oh the pickguard lifting off the sounboard . Can anybody advise me where to get a non curly pickguard.?
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