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  1. Yoohoo!!! Jesse where are you?
  2. Jesse, I saw this and immediately all of your recent Hummingbird post came to my mind. I thought I would post a link. I know they take trades. Ive done quite a bit of trading/selling with them. They have always been fair and easy to deal with. Maybe you could work a deal with some of your used guitars and gear as an even trade. http://elderly.com/vintage/names/gibson-hummingbird-%282012%29--20U-15605.htm
  3. Ive been using the Pyramid Western Folks on my Hummingbird TV for the past year. They replaced the factory shipped Gibson brand. Tomorrow I will trying out DR Sunbeams . Ive liked the Pyramids just fine. They just are hard to find locally. I have to order them online. Ill see how the DR Sunbeams compare and report back. The stock Gibson strings were good too, they just didn't last long enough for me.
  4. This is good to know. Probably needs its own thread. Any news on the standard 2015 acoustic line up ?
  5. If we listened to forum opinions on Gibsons, i doubt if any of us would own one. I can't tell you how many times I have heard negative comments on Gibson acoustics sounding like they are stuffed with socks. My favorite guitar is my Hummingbird TV. Let some tell it, its the ugliest and most dead sounding over priced guitar that they have ever played. Gibson J-45 's don't project like say a Martin D-18. The shorter scale and round shoulder design produces a much sweeter and rounder tone. If you are looking for a punchier and more projecting tone, a Gibson AJ might be worth consider
  6. Glad it arrived safe and sound and that you like it. Mine says custom shop on the back. That is because it was from a limited run in 2013. The True Vintage is no longer a standard production model and only available when Gibson decides to build them in limited numbers. My Hummingbird didn't sound right to me with elixirs. I like Pure Western Folk stings on mine. I have to oder them online . Enjoy your new guitar. You couldn't have picked a better model to take a chance on. Im glad it worked out in your favor.
  7. If anyone is interested, Elderly has a very nice looking SJ-100 2013 year model . These are very attractive instruments. I wonder howling Gibson will offer these beauties? Looking forward to seeing what is offered for 2015 from Bozeman.
  8. I was wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to try out those beautiful Custom Walnut Hummingbirds with all the bling currently listed on Wildwood Guitars website. They also have some dressed down Koa versions that look pretty sweet too. I wish Gibson would do some walnut , Koa, and maybe Blackwood or a quilted mahogany version with True Vintage specs.
  9. SO they have a left handed standard Hummingbird and a right handed TV Hummingbird in stock? is that correct?
  10. My 2013 Gibson Hummingbird True Vintage Custom shop Ltd Run. Best Gibson That Ive ever owned. Best Guitar that I have ever owned. And I've owned others that cost a lot more. This is THE guitar for me. http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3812/11344491743_883fb4074b_b.jpg
  11. my first Gibson was a J-150. Played and sounded great. realized that I prefer a short scale. Sold it with the intention of replacing it with a CJ-165R. Then Gibson discontinued them .
  12. I was just wondering what Gibson is the top and worst sellers as far as acoustics go. My guess would be the J-45/ Southern Jumbo in all of its many incarnations. Followed by the SJ-200 and Hummingbird. I would also guess that the Dove and J-185 aren't big sellers. I hardly ever see or hear mention of these models. Oh I almost forgot about the Advanced Jumbo. I wonder if it outsells the SJ-200 and Hummingbird. Of course I am referring to the Hummingbird, not the artist or pro models.
  13. We have much in common. I used to think they were very unattractive. I think it was because I grew up in the 70's and saw too many bad clown looking lipstick red with canary yellow centered burst with the solid square block inlays from that era. But once I saw a pic of June Carter Cash with her natural 60's Hummingbird and a few mid 2000's with that very nice honey/iced tea burst, they caught my attention. The TV model came out and I was all in. And don't even get me started on the beautiful custom Koa Hummingbird!!!
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