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  1. Another thread that explains why God put Luthiers on this planet. RBSinTo
  2. Chief, Thanks for the heads up. I'll keep searching in the distance for the glow of torches. RBSinTo
  3. Speaking of guitars with laminated wood, there is a Gibson Blue Ridge Custom acoustic currently for sale on Kijiji, here in Toronto. I did a bit of research and found they were produced from '68 to '79, and again from '89 to '90. They had solid spruce tops and exterior laminated rosewood sides and backs (with maple interiors) and plain style pickguards and looked very much like a Martin. According to opinions of owners, they produced a nice sound. Interesting information in light of the current discussion. RBSinTo
  4. Yowzer! Round and round they go! RBSinTo
  5. Gentlemen, start your engines. RBSinTo
  6. A cursory search reveals that Cimar was a guitar brand produced by Ibanez, who in the 70's was producing very good copies of Gibsons. They were eventually sued by Gibson and forced to stop producing the copies. RBSinTo
  7. My 2001 j-45 Standard came with a black TKL case with dark blue plush interior and the Gibson logo screened on the outside. The leather tab for lifting the accessory compartment door is branded "TKL made in Canada". A cursory search revealed that these cases are produced for TKL in Montreal by a company called Boblen that does not deal with the public, but produces them for guitar dealers and music stores. I live in Toronto but am at least the third owner of this guitar, so I don't know if the case is original, or a replacement. RBSinTo
  8. Assuming the guitar was purchased from a store, contact them, and just to be safe, get in touch with Gibson directly. Unless you play professionally, there is no reason that a defect like this should appear after seven months. And assuming you have or have had other guitars, it seems from your surprise, that this hasn't happened to any of your other instruments, which would rule out rings, nails or capos as the cause. RBSinTo
  9. Questions like this are why God made Professional Luthiers. When I decided to get rid of the neck strap attachment on my D-28, I took it to a reputable guitar store (The Twelfth Fret) here in Toronto, and in five minutes one of their Luthiers had attached a strap button. Both the guitar and I survived the experience without any ill effects. RBSinTo
  10. If someone here has the same guitar, you could ask them to either measure its dimensions, or do a quick outline on paper along with its thickness and send it to you. Of course the question is, if your guitar fits the case to be restored, the restorer shouldn't have any problems. RBSinTo
  11. And I seriously think your Gibson schtick is incredibly self-righteous: that while everyone can have an opinion, yours is somehow special, and irrefutably (as you said) the right one. It is not. It is just yours, and no more or less valid than anyone elses'. RBSinTo
  12. There is nothing special or unique about Gibson guitars, compared to the other high quality instruments. These comments can be applied equally to those of us who prefer and play Martins, Taylors, Guilds or whatever. RBSinTo
  13. Buying tools, taking them home and then returning them because they don't fit, over and over. Does it not occur to anyone to simply schlepp the guitar with them to Home Depot and show one of the staff the screw or nut that requires an adjustment tool? Problem solved in one trip in five minutes. RBSinTo
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