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  1. Mr. Paul, As I recall, it was a Mr. Moses who warned my people a long time ago about worshipping golden idols. I have no desire to drink a j-45 Smoothie, so I'll just pass. RBSinTo
  2. Brucebubs, You obviously haven't heard me play. It'll take a lot more than just gold picks to improve the quality of my music. RBSinTo
  3. Me too! I only like the Dunlop .60mm picks in grey, 'cause that colour sounds the best. RBSinTo
  4. thegreatgumbino, That Strapjack plug is exactly what I made myself. Used a large candle to make a mold with an electric drill and two different sized bits, and filled the mold with five-minute expoxy. Some sanding and a bit of brown spray paint and it works perfectly. RBSinTo
  5. dhanners623, A little unclear on the concept. Why would Gibson use such a delicate/reactive/tempermental finish on their guitars, when a lacquer finish which looks the same (to my untrained eyes at least) is more durable? RBSinTo
  6. Kidblast, Is there a compelling reason for removing the guitar strap when the instrument is stored? I've owned my D-28 since 1979, and it has had a strap on it ever since, without any problems. But an even more important question: Pinegrove indicates that the Strapkeeper is a "free gift" when one buys an instrument strap. When has anyone ever paid for a gift? Aren't all gifts by definition, free? Just wondering. RBSinTo
  7. Or keep a small square of fine grit sandpaper in your guitar case. RBSinTo
  8. Northcityblues, My four guitars were all purchased used, but Twelfth Fret has worked on my 1974 D-28, and currently on my 2001 j-45. Their Luthiers are very skilled, and their prices fair and reasonable. And just so you know the repair department at Cosmo Music in Richmond Hill is also first rate. RBSinTo
  9. You really shouldn't be. Customer Service has become an Endangered Species, all but extinct, and wasn't any better before Coronavirus arrived. RBSinTo
  10. Dave F., Fair enough. But it all depends on the circumstances. I am the third owner of a 2001 j45, and it is currently in for some repairs at The Twelfth Fret, a very reputable guitar store and Gibson dealer here in Toronto. According to their inspection ( which verified what I suspected) it needs labour but doesn't require Gibson proprietary parts, so I am having the work done here in Toronto. No crating, no insurance, and no shipping costs. Had my situation been similar to yours, my course of action would have been different. However, Dotneck's comment that Gibson Service hasn't replied to his two requests speaks volumes about them. RBSinTo
  11. Dotneck, Unless your instrument requires replacement parts that can't be sourced anywhere else, why would you spend extra time and money to crate, insure and ship (both ways) a guitar to Gibson, if there are reputable, local Luthiers that can service it in your part of the world? RBSinTo
  12. Merseybeat 1963, I suggest you contact a reputable Luthier, and ask their advice on what to use and how to properly use it. RBSinTo
  13. Derek, There are any number of very fine guitar manufacturer's models to choose from, and rather than tell you to consider this model or that, I suggest you visit a bricks and mortar stores ( when you are able to) and play many different company's models until a sound jumps out at you that you like. Whatever you ultimately buy will be an expensive purchase, so rather than hitch your star to Gibson's wagon before the fact, keep an open mind and in the end be completely happy with whatever you get. RBSinTo
  14. My opinions and comments are as valid as anyone else's, and the fact that you don't like them is irrelevant. RBSinTo
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