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  1. Mine was I believe a Kay that I bought from a friend for $12.00 when I was about 10 or 11 years old. Horrible action and impossible to play, so I quickly lost interest, and sold it very soon thereafter to a Country and Western record/music store (owned and run by an Englishman) for ......$12.00. RBSinTo
  2. Other than questioning why I have four guitars, my wife really pays no attention to them, or my playing. The one exception was a few years ago after I bought my second instrument, a used Washburn R320SW parlour guitar. A few weeks after buying it, she heard me playing my 1974 D-28, which I've had since 1979, and commented that she could appreciate the better sound quality of the Martin over the Washburn. Hardly earth-shattering, but it showed that even a complete instrument novice could detect the difference. RBSinTo
  3. 62 burst, I think you got it slightly wrong. This is an example of the quantum mechanics problem of Campbell's Guitar, which states that until the picture is posted, there are various states of probability in which Kelly owns the guitar, he doesn't own the guitar, and these probabilites will only collapse down to one reality, when the picture is posted. Hey, I didn't make this stuff up. Blame Erwin Schrodinger. Who even knew he played a guitar? RBSinTo
  4. Bluesking, Nice guitar work, but Patsy Kline sings it better. RBSinTo
  5. Funny. I use that same expression when I describe to others the sound of my D-28. But its 46 years old, so it better bring the angels to tears when it sings. RBSinTo
  6. I've played both the D28 and a D41 one day not long ago, and can't say that my tin ear discerned a musical difference. I wonder if your ears have been over-ridden by your eyes? RBSinTo
  7. While I can appreciate the workmanship that is required to produce an instrument like this, I find the end result to be, well, over the top, and frankly quite tasteless. To my mind, a guitar for Liberace. And in the spirit of fairness to all the Gibsonians here, I also think the Martin D-45 is gaudy. I own a D28 and a J45 standard, both pretty plain looking, but all they do is sound nice, which is the reason I bought them. RBSinTo
  8. To my mind, all the inlay made from Nonobtanium, saddles & nuts carved from Unicorn horn, gold frets, and strings spun from the Pubic hair of Virgins is for the fans. None of that stuff makes the guitar sound any better, but is done to stroke egos of owners. Nothing screams "Look at me. I've arrived!", like a bling-laden instrument. RBSinTo
  9. No idea. I'm new to the world of Gibson guitars, but from numerous conversations with Luthiers and sales people in music stores (including stores that are authorized Gibson dealers) and what I've read, it appears that their Quality Control has been less than stellar for a number of years. So depending on the production dates of these on-line purchases, one could have between 0 and 10 that sounded poorly. RBSinTo
  10. Sgt. Pepper, I've noodled on many D-35's in music stores, and again to me, they never sounded any different ( neither better nor worse) than the D-28's that were also available. My D-28 is a 1974, and while I've never had the opportunity to make a direct comparison with a D-35, mine sounds wonderful, and is everything I could ever hope for in a dreadnought. And besides, while I seem to be guitar-challenged by the standard of this site, as I only own four, I really have no desire, or more important, need, to obtain any more, even Martins. RBSinTo
  11. Interesting that you'd consider a D28 as a back-up to a D-35. My understanding is that the introduction of the D-35 was a business rather than a musical decision. After Brazilian Rosewood was no longer available, and Martin had exhausted their stocks, the introduction of the D-35, allowed them to use the smaller remnants in the three-piece backs in order not to waste them. Again, to my tin ear, the D-35 isn't a musical improvement over the D-28. RBSinTo
  12. BeHappy, My "blending" could very well be different from yours, as it is a subjective quality. So again, to my mind, only you can answer this question based on playing a variety of instruments until you find one that meets your criteria. RBSinTo
  13. And exactly how will everyone's personal favorite opinion help with your variable? Walk into a guitar store and let them smell the smoldering wad of cash in your pocket, and I'll bet if they know you're a shopper and not a browser, they'll slap whatever strings you want on any guitar for you to try. RBSinTo
  14. Asking a question like this of others is pointless. There will be no consensus of opinion, and everyone will naturally suggest their favorite guitar, and you will be no further ahead. Go to a reputable music store and play a variety of guitars (including non-Gibson brands) until you find one whose sound you like. Then you'll have the correct answer to your question. RBSinTo
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