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  1. I'm sorry that he left, but I understand his reasons for doing so. We keep in touch by email, so I still enjoy his company. RBSinto
  2. B Skiddy, Customer service died a number of years ago, strangled to death by corporate greed. I assume you were talking about Gibson, although it was not expressly stated in your post. But to be fair to them, they are no worse than the vast majority of businesses that cut service to save money. RBSinTo
  3. Twang Gang, On behalf of Darryl the Luthier at Cosmo Music who did al the work, "Thank you". I too am finding the nut width narrower than I'm used to, but am playing my way to getting used to it. Ditto with the strings currently installed. I'm begining to think that if I give them a few weeks, I'l be used to them. And the sound is wonderful. Exactly what I wanted and expected. RBSinTo
  4. Probably by placing on foot in front of the other repeatedly, until he was outside. What difference does it make? He missed it, and now he wants the store to provide good customer service and rectify the situation to his satisfaction, which is a perfectly reasonable expectation. RBSinTo
  5. After searching for a Maple jumbo guitar that would not put me into the poorhouse, I was lucky enough to purchase a 2003 GAD jf 30, which is a Guild designed and badged instrument, built in China, somewhat I suppose in the same vein (being produced outside the US )as Gibson's Epiphones, and Martin's Sigmas. Before I bought it I was aware that the guitar had two cracks in the lower bout, and I did some research to estimate what the cost to fix them would be before the seller and I agreed on a price. A few days ago I received a call from the Luthier to tell me that the repairs were f
  6. Crackerbear, The very best help you can give your friend is to insist that he take the guitar, and all of the questions and concerns to a qualified Luthier. RBSinTo
  7. jedzep, Not so. Yes I got a GAD JF 30, which for the uninitiated is a Guild designed jumbo guitar built in China (mine in 2003), and yes I did join the LTG forum, to learn about the guitar, but I'm the only one. All the invitees to the party are still here. RBSinTo
  8. According to some of the regulars here he should probably use "Mean Mr. Mustard". RBSinTo
  9. Chief, Smartly done on the 000-18. I guess you changed your mind about starting to collect all 346 J-45 variants after all. Good thing. You'd never catch up 'cause they crank them out faster than you can buy them. Just one favor to ask before you go: Could you please email me a copy of the Translation Software you use to figure out exactly what the hell Em7 is talking about in his posts? Thanks tons. Stay safe and be well. RBSinTo
  10. Willie Nelson, for one would beg to differ with you. RBSinTo
  11. I did a little research and found that crushed pencil lead or graphite power works very to lubricate guitar machines. However, it should not be used in conjunction with liquid lubricants such as light machine oils as a thick gooey mess will result. RBSinTo
  12. Interesting to read about what songs the members here enjoy playing, and it occurred to me to ask if people swap or share music scores with others here? I don't know if it is allowed or whether permission from the mods would be required, or even exactly how it would be done, but I just thought I'd toss the idea out for discussion. RBSinTo
  13. Has anyone ever used a dry lubricant like powdered graphite in tuners? RBSinTo
  14. RBSinTo's Law states: "Everybody does what they do. I do what I do. You do what you do. And he does what he does." If you really can't live with the aesthetics of the one that sounds wonderful, then keep looking until you find one that checks all the boxes. My honest opinion: the most important characteristic of a musical instrument is the quality of its sound, and the aesthetics are secondary, and I'd opt for the one with the grain lines that sounds better. Good luck with your quest. RBSinTo
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