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  1. And firing an RPG at a guitar wasn't????????????? RBSinTo
  2. Please, will someone explain why one would even want to relic a guitar? The logic of the exercise escapes me. And with respect to the particular guitar in question, it is a beautiful example of understated, good taste, and in my opinion, will be visually ruined by firing pennies, nailguns, rubber bullets or RPGs at it. RBSinTo
  3. "I get a kick out of you", by Cole Porter, and sung by Frank Sinatra. Great tune. Got the music and will give it a whorl. RBSinTo
  4. "Smile" by Nat King Cole. Got the music and will learn to play it. Only a couple of unfamiliar chords, so won't be a problem. RBSinTo
  5. Chief, Could be either depending on usage and context. RBSinTo
  6. Chief, And youse can't write gud without which you don't no gud grammar. RBSinTo
  7. Jedzep, I agree with you completely, but it's so easy for these guys to spend other people's money. Maybe they wouldn't be so cavalier if they had to foot the bill for the purchases they tell others to make. RBSinTo
  8. Pat, I had the same problem with my 2001 j45 which originally had a pick-up which was removed before I bought it, but still had the input jack end pin. After some research, I decided the available fixes were unsatisfactory, and for me the easiest solution was to make my own mushroom-shaped plug from five-minute epoxy that is pressure fitted into the female input jack, and holds the strap securely in place. Got the guitar about eighteen months ago, made the plug about a year ago, and have had no problems with the strap coming off or even loose. If you are handy, and have access t
  9. I looked very closely and saw a cloud that looks very much like a cloud. RBSinTo
  10. Or perhaps just a cloud. RBSinTo
  11. It's one thing to be the Eator. But an entirely different matter to be the Eatee. Be careful what you wish for. RBSinTo
  12. So now an amorphous-shaped cloud is supposed to be Jesus??????? RBSinTo
  13. And stopped citing opinions as being facts and not just opinions. RBSinTo
  14. Home Depot. Make sure to also get some rollers, painter's tape for masking and of course some strong solvent for removing the paint if you're not happy with the result, and of course for clean-up. Oy! Why do people insist on looking for trouble? This has all the earmarks of a bus slowly driving over a cliff. Leave. It. Alone. Or. Let. A. Professional. Do. It. RBSinTo
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