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  1. Its not the posters' fault. They can't help themselves. Every five minutes the bulb manufacturer brings out another model of the same bulb with a different name, and and in order to keep up, they all just gotta, just really, really gotta buy one of the new ones, lest they fall behind. RBSinTo
  2. Good thing you don't. With all the guitars he has to work on, it might take years for you to get it back. Better you should send it to Bozeman. Maybe they'll even glue one of those really snappy "bird" pickguards on it and you can call the barrow your "Schleppingbird". RBSinTo
  3. The 36 lightbulbs in the posters' photos all look exactly the same. RBSinTo
  4. Maybe Gibson can send someone to de-stuccify the room For what they'll charge, you'll never be able to tell the walls had stucco on them. RBSinTo
  5. Yes the original manufacturer would be a good choice, but I would never consider sending a guitar to Nazarith, or Bozeman for repairs when we have at least two excellent Toronto guitar stores here with very respected Luthiers who would do them equally well, faster, at less cost, and without any shipping to consider. If Martin, Gibson and a host of other manufacturers think highly enough of these stores to authorize them to sell and service their products, the advantages to using them locally to do so makes perfect sense to me. RBSinTo
  6. Rob, This in my non-collectors opinion is the most important aspect of the repair: How the instrument sounds and plays afterward. My 2001 j-45 had a broken headstock (that essentially mirrors yours) that was repaired while owned by someone else. I have no idea whether it was professionally done or not, however I suspect it wasn't. It is visable but not as much as on your Jubilee, probably only because the wood is darker on my guitar's neck and headstock. But the repair is stable (as the seller assured me, and a respected Luthier here in Toronto confirmed), and it plays well and sounds very nice. And because I am a function over form person, my critera were met. I wouldn't ever consider spending $900.00 for repairs to make it invisable. To my mind, no point. RBSinTo
  7. Here we go again.... My D-28 was made in 1974, and it has never needed a neck re-set, or binding re-glued. Good on you Martin!! RBSinTo
  8. $900.00 seems very expensive for a broken headstock repair. Did that price include shipping and grief counselling? RBSinTo
  9. 1 to mention that a particular brand of lightbulb is used by a particular "famous" person 35 to chime in that they use that same brand of lightbulb 1 to mention that anyone can use lightbulbs, but it takes a special person to use that particular brand of bulb 1 to describe that light bulb brand in terms that are glowing, but mostly incomprehensible. RBSinTo
  10. Occasionally, something good comes out of accidents like this. A drunk stepping on his guitar and damaging it so badly that it needed to be replaced, led to Willie Nelson using the Martin N-20 that became "Trigger". RBSinTo
  11. He is being far more than fair, and if you were being a mensch, you'd not take him up on it, but merely tell him to take all responsibility for a Gibson restoration. I think you are taking unfair advantage of his good nature. RBSinTo
  12. See? I toldja. Its those wall hangers. Maybe if I had some on my walls years ago, they would have inspired me to study harder, and I'd be a doctor today. Who knew? Wall hangers. One of the secrets to success. RBSinTo
  13. Yeah, many is the time the mood struck me, but by the time I unsnapped the case clips, and flipped up the lid, it had passed. Now I know why. Wall hangers. Gotta get me some right away. Maybe I should also install an express elevator in case I'm on the main floor when the mood strikes. Otherwise it could disappear by the time I climb the stairs to the second floor where the Guitar Shrine ( or as my wife calls it, the bedroom) is. RBSinTo
  14. Chris, It must be terribly depressing to live in a world where this is your prevailing philosophy. Yes, these are difficult times for any number of reasons, but to lose all faith in people must be truly soul crushing. My condolences. RBSinTo
  15. Mine are always stored in their cases, with Oasis humidifiers. Interestingly, the Martin, Gibson and Guild are all in shaped, branded dedicated cases, in which the humidifiers seem to "shrink" the least on a weekly basis, while the Washburn is in a less protective and poorly sealed "funeral" case, and its humidifier loses more water weekly than the M., G., and G. ones. Finally, my Granada ( ES335 knock-off) came in a cheap, generic, and poorly sealed case, and its humidifier shrivels up like a raisin every week. I have no space, need, nor desire to display my guitars on wall hangers, and for practical reasons keep them in the cases when they're not being played. RBSinTo
  16. Mantastic, No, he really doesn't owe you a new guitar. Yours has not been damaged beyond repair, and is completely playable, so for some scratches, you expect him to replace it? What he might be liable for is the costs to have the finish restored, if you took him to Small Claims Court. But if cooler heads prevail before that, he should pay for the restoration. But a new guitar? Not a chance. RBSinTo
  17. Money makes the world go 'round, and trumps all. So this isn't a new phenomenon, it has just become more commercially institutionalized and efficient in separating the citizens from their money. Did the Magi started shopping for the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, the day after Halloween? Whatcha think? RBSinTo
  18. Whitefang, No guitar is ever the "star"of any serious music show, nor should it be. Clapton, Knopfler or Jubar, just to name three really fine guitarists, aren't mentioned as after-thoughts in concert revues after their guitars are critiqued. The musicians and their skills take center stage, not the Martin, PRS, Taylor, Fender, or even Gibson that they're playing. RBSinTo
  19. Sparquelito, Congratulations on getting your dream guitar. Really nice table. Did it come with the Fender? RBSinTo
  20. The only way to be 100% certain that the ______________ one purchased is not a fake is to buy it directly from a reputable manufacterer, or his/her authorized dealer. Otherwise one runs the risk that the _______________ is counterfeit. RBSinTo
  21. Anyone who attends a performance and is displeased because of the performer's guitar pickguard will never be satisfied by the music anyway. RBSinTo
  22. Sorry to be evasive, but the answer to your question, is what do YOU think? Me, I'd leave it alone, but it's your guitar, so do what you are comfortable with. RBSinTo
  23. If I had the money and the inclination to spend $10,000.00 on a guitar it would neither be an electric nor a Gibson. RBSinTo
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