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  1. If you take the model that you see on the Gibson website (most of the models will be listed out of stock) you will be able to find them at the big box shops, normally. I am going through the same game as well.
  2. I jump out from behind the tree (where I've been hiding) and successfully dive out catching the neck, saving its life and taking it home to where it will happily live amongst friends. (LOL)
  3. Hey guys (n gals), New to the group and looking fwd to participating. Been playing much more seriously in the last year compared to the previous 40. Posting from the road and would usually have my "LapAxe" to practice with as I am a professional traveler. This time I was not willing to risk the "tax" that would be incurred from the federallies on the way out of Mexico City. My rack currently holds a 75 burst Strat, an Epi LP Plus top pro, an Epi Sheraton and an Ovation celebrity. My 13 year old has already claimed the Strat but is just discovering the tones emanating from the LP. The current goal is to get the dream "Gibson" LP, as is evident by my other post. Currently I am working to narrow the search pattern by defining the model differences coming off the factory floor in a visual spreadsheet. Happy to be here, Bret (aka Torqueroll)
  4. Pepper, I appreciate your opinion on wants and desires. My intention for this thread was to have as much information on one sheet, on the models as they come off the floor right now. I understand that there are variables with everything, especially with used models and possible modifications that could be, or have been made. And that there are color variations. I have been looking for a cheat sheet. Narrowing down what choices are that out there, to limit my time getting distracted by choices that are not desired. I think I am off to a good start, and am sure that there are others in my situation. that can make it better and make it to their advantage also.
  5. "Do you want binging or not, glossy finish or not, what color, maple cap or not, flame or plain top, ect. Asymmetric neck, 60's neck, baseball bat neck ect. " So, the answer to your question is exactly what Im looking for. Ive got several hours into creating the attached sheet. Always OCD enough the I'm going to continually modify/update the data. Chime in if you think addition data should be applied. LP Comparison.numbers.pdf
  6. Les Paul, its in my near future. My fingers are ready to make the jump from my Plus Top. I have been trying to grasp the comparisons between models. It seems everyone and their brother has put together a video comparison of two models, and links to all the different ones. Someone must have put together a visual one page spreadsheet lists all the features of each model, yes? If it is already out there could some please share here or link to the location?
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