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  1. My SG has that vanilla / nitrocellulose paint smell I've been reading about. But I feel its sort of tobacco-ish in nature too. (ie; vanilla pipe tobacco?) I've never seen that mentioned so I'm unsure if that is along the same lines as the paint smell or I'm catching a different whiff.
  2. How loose are the pickups generally? Both pickups can easily be rocked with a light touch. Its mostly the bridge pickup but really both have movement. Definitely not fixed solid in the body ike my strat pickups.
  3. Good point. I never thought about it that way. But the serial # search I used was way off. 190028448
  4. I have a SG with a 11/1/18 build date. It was sold to me as a 2019 model but wondering if you would consider that technically a 2018? Sort of like new vehicles when the "new model year" comes out in the fall if the previous year.
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