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  1. Hey Everyone! Well I've received them and am loving them! They look great and the guitar sounds fantastic! Super happy with the decision
  2. I've ordered them so I'll report back!
  3. Does anyone have any experience with these Ebony bridge pins from Crosby Audio? I'm thinking of replacing the ones on my G-45 standard with them but want to make sure they will fit properly? It lists the dimensions of them but not sure of the dimensions of the ones that came with my G-45.. https://crosbyaudio.com/collections/frontpage/products/pure-ebony-bridge-pins
  4. Wow I'm surprised it still works! I was going to caution against the rice as you don't want pieces getting inside the mic... that could be more damaging than the rain! Let us know when you test it out more if it still has the same frequency response as it did before!
  5. Man I get too attached to mine apparently 😂 clearly you don't get separation anxiety hah
  6. Been playing some John Mayer recently. 'In your atmosphere', one of those tough to sing and play
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