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  1. I only have one at the moment. My first Gibson. Gibson ES-330 VOS Untitled by D Y, on Flickr
  2. I actually like both reds you posted.. I stand by my preference that an ES looks soooo goood in Cherry Red than any other color.. although its strange to see a Lucille in a different color other than black and gold. LOL. but its a nice one! how does yours play? I actually want to get the Epiphone version of it.. on the 64, I see that the string alignment is also not centered and leaning towards the treble side.. Im guessing thats more expensive than my 330 VOS.. im sensing that this is quite a normal thing for Gibsons and having strings centered on the fretboard is a lucky one.. LOL
  3. Hi sir, Thank you. Like you, I was very impressed with the VOS finish. I like it better than any of the stage of Fender relic'ing.. and at least the body doesnt have any dents or scratches.. just dulling of paint and some hardware dulling, although I might buff those with rusted parts as it doesnt look so appealing. LOL on sunburst, Im okay if its a vintage piece, with the checks and real nitro fade and wear.. I dont like them shiny and new.. thats another reason why I didnt go for the other standard Memphis in sunset burst.. and I also dont like the burst at the back.. the stock photos show a brown color back but the actual items have burst which I didnt like.. I think the only thing I wish is that they put the gold reflector knobs on the red to have a little bit of contrast.. and regarding the string alignment, the more I look at it, the more its okay to me.. its not affecting anything.. in fact the wider nut width, string spacing and neck width at the 12th fret affected me more in terms of playing style and getting used to it.. Ive played vintage spec telecasters with narrower nut width and neck and gotten so used to it that this neck is a welcome change.. no more cramped fretboard for me. LOL.. I may actually have it adjusted slightly when I have it professionally set up and when Faber hardware comes in with un notched saddles..for now, I'll enjoy this as is.. its a really good sounding instrument..
  4. The stock photos are actually deceiving.. but when it arrived, it was just Cherry Red.. but I love this color anyway, dark or just standard cherry, Im okay with it.. would love to have it just like it was in the stock photo though..
  5. on this photo, its very noticeable; Untitled by D Y, on Flickr the strings run over the pickup poles perfectly which is great, but you can still see the strings leaning toward the bass side here; Untitled by D Y, on Flickr Yes, it really doesnt affect playability, and it plays really well. I dont see it when playing and i forget about it when I’m in the tone zone anyway lol. but there are times when I just open the case, bring the guitar our, and stare at it and marvel on its beauty. Then I see the slight misalignment.
  6. thank you sir, it is very hard to photograph! Well, the red is the perfect shade of red that I love on ES-3xx guitars. And the only other color I want on an ES is black. the wood grain is visible, but the wood itself isn’t crazy figured. You can see some grains but its Kind of plain looking, which is fine by me. Not really looking to get that crazy grains you can see on vintage ES-3xx guitars. Maybe when its older and the color is fading, the grains would pop more!
  7. thank you sir. TBH, Its just aesthetics to me, including all the issues Ive mentioned (tooling marks on bindings, etc etc), and its just driving my OCD and given the fact that I cannot unscrew and re-screw the neck on this one and thats giving me something to think about even if its very slight. i’m used to have very little real estate on both sides as Ive been playing vintage spec teles and I never had any problem. i do agree with you that it really plays nice. Solidly built and VERY NICE sounding instrument. It actually sounds better unplugged than my Yamaha Fs820. Lol. but yeah. That small bias just made it “almost” perfect, but at the same time, giving it a bit of character
  8. Also, are you guys bothered by the slight misalignment of strings? its leaning towards the bass side and while it's not affecting playability, its triggering my OCD.. not sure if the neck is set incorrectly or the bridge itself.. I also see this on other Les Pauls, 335's SGs, etc.. I know I can notch the saddles and have it spread evenly across the fretboard, but I prefer the strings to be centered on the saddles instead.. did you guys have this kind of problem with your Gibsons? I dont want to return it as it sounds so good, and besides the fact that its a 2018 model and I may not find another one that sounds as good and the neck profile might vary.. here's some front photos to show the misalignment.. Untitled by D Y, on Flickr Untitled by D Y, on Flickr
  9. Finally, its here!! My first high end, one time big time purchase.. my first ever Gibson.. Due to reading all the negative comments about Gibson, over the years, I have learned to avoid them. Having never played one, this was a gamble. It was a big risk ordering online.. The store I bought this from is the only store that has it and it's from another state.. Knowing the horror stories, I was really afraid of getting a lemon. But when I opened it, played it, all my fears where unfounded.. This is a really great guitar.. solidly built and its in the right shade of Cherry that I love on ES guitars. Untitled by D Y, on Flickr Untitled by D Y, on Flickr The VOS finish is nice.. I know some dont like it.. but I do.. the light relicing on the hardwares as well.. not too overdone and I like it this way.. I also had a lot of experience with Casinos, and Korean built hollowbodies.. This is definitely worth the money.. and a few steps above those.. I have never tried a Japanese made Casino, but I know for a fact that Japanese guitars are well made and probably couldve been the same quality for lesser price. But I want a Gibson, and I want my first one to be a nice one.. No buzzing, perfect action out of the box (for me, although I play 11's and this would be re-strung and nut cut properly when my luthier's shop opens).. hardwares are solid. I think some people may be exaggerating things a bit on Gibson's quality.. but i know some are true.. but Im happy I'm one of the people who got a good one.. Untitled by D Y, on Flickr Untitled by D Y, on Flickr The neck feels great! chunky quartersawn mahogany (as per spec sheet).. Man I was expecting a slim neck, but this one is nice and round.. although I wish it was fatter, like 1-inch all through, but this is fine.. very comfortable.. and the rosewood is very nice, dark and well conditioned. Untitled by D Y, on Flickr Untitled by D Y, on Flickr Now of course, there are some things that I think couldve done better.. Nut is a bit high, but thats okay as it's going to be recut for 11's.. and some very minor finish flaw on the f-holes, where the black goes over the red paint.. I can live with it.. and some minor tooling marks on the fretboard binding edges.. for this price, I would expect QC people would take some time correcting those.. so those are the bad.. All in all, the tone is glorious and the good outweighs the bad for me.. Def not going back, I'll keep it and play it long.. coming from a Fender nut and a Telecaster addict, I can say, I might have been swayed and now going to the dark side.. I look forward to getting another Gibson.. probably an ES-335 or a Les Paul?? Untitled by D Y, on Flickr Untitled by D Y, on Flickr Here's another look at the hardwares.. When my wife saw it for the first time when I opened the case, she said "you didnt spend this much to get a used guitar did you? Are you sure this is a new guitar? How long was it hanging in the store? Why is it rusted??" the treatment is just right for me.. not too light, and not overdone.. Perfect.. Untitled by D Y, on Flickr Untitled by D Y, on Flickr Untitled by D Y, on Flickr I love the feel of this fretboard.. the grains are tight and havent opened up yet.. Untitled by D Y, on Flickr Finally the lighting is just perfect.. I think the other photos made it look quite bright red.. but this is the closest I have ever gotten to the color in real life Untitled by D Y, on Flickr
  10. Initial set up done.. Still waiting for the neck to react/move to the higher tension of 11s.. So I didnt touch the truss rod at the moment.. Feels pretty good under the fingers.. as expected, narrow string spacing.. I think I'll let my luthier tweak that to Fender-ish specs.. My telecasters' frets have been professionally levelled, and I was able to set it up in the same action as my Telecasters.. pretty amazing and no fret buzz! although I'm concerned about the height of the frets.. Frets 1,2,3 and 4 have varying degrees of fret wear/indentation.. Im sure it has not been touched at all, so hopefully there's enough height left when my luthier levels it. I also reversed that G string-saddle.. ALL 24.75 scale guitars I have encountered that has this stock bridge is problematic with 11 gauge strings.. and this is always my solution.. I'm planning to replace this bridge with a Gotoh that has an extended range.. OR probably take out the studs, fill it with a dowel and run with a floating bridge ala ES-125TDC like what [USER=21835]@charlie chitlin[/USER] did on his..not sure yet on what to decide on, but definitely gonna replace the hardware with better ones.. those tuners arent nice! Anyway, very happy how it all turned out.. This is definitely what I have been looking for in an affordable price, with decent quality and solidly built hollowbody with P90s and Florentine Cutaway!
  11. My first ever minor fret work polish.. There are some fret wear on the first few frets, but nothing deep.. The tarnish is so hard, scotch brite didnt work.. its not removing anything so had to use steel wool Before and after! then a little bit of Australian Orange Oil Wood conditioner
  12. I think I’m done. I dont need anymore guitars. This new one brings it up to three, and I certainly cannot handle any more than that. Ive had 5 and it became problematic. Lol. After falling in love with Florentine Cutaways, specifically the ES-125TDC, I searched high and low for an affordable, yet built solidly, and has quality feel to it. The new 2019 Epiphone George Thorogood ES125 was a surprise, I was really thinking of buying it, but I have my hesitations, especially after having a Casino made in the Epiphone Factory in China, that has some issues I cannot get over with, I’m afraid that I might receive another guitar I will not be happy with. So I kept looking.. This leaves me with plenty more choices, but some are even harder to find. The only things I want are 2 P90s, Florentine Cutaway, With/without Bigsby, must be made in Korea or Japan. I’ve found a few new production guitars from Japan made in Terada Factory, but it would require me to sell my telecasters to fund it, and I dont want to do that. I also found a vintage Es-125TDC in players grade condition, but it would also require selling of my guitars plus additional luthier fees for checking, maybe resetting of the neck, and other various issues that a vintage guitar has.. so I passed on it.. I also want it in the same exact shape of an ES-125TDC. Maybe a little variation of the cutaway but not too much. All the waiting and searching paid off. Finally I was able to track down one guitar in my list and in the color that I want. A Peerless Factory made 1996 Epiphone Sorrento The quality is very nice. If you’ve ever had the newer Gretsch Electromatic (5xxx) from Korea, it has the same quality feel to it. Solid and not flimsy. Good weight and The neck, even if it’s slim, feels stable. The nut width isnt as narrow as I was expecting it to be; making it a pleasant surprise as it is close to my vintage spec teles (42mm nut width), so very little adjustment when switching between guitars. But there are tons to do. Since my luthier’s shop is closed, this will be my first ever guitar that I will perform some minor fretwork. The frets are tarnished and I just need to remove that greeny stuff and polish it again without changing the fret level. I dont want to risk removing any fret material. I just want to enjoy playing it and do some bends without the scratchy feeling frets. Then setting this up with 11’s and tweaking the pickup, specifically the pole pieces to get that sweet spot! The nut looks good, and the fretboard feels nice! It doesnt feel like cheap rosewood. It actually feels like an old growth rosewood and it isnt even dry! Its dark chocolate looking and little streaks. Maybe put some wood conditioner after I’m done with the frets. Came in a good time before the really strict quarantine rules get implemented. I’ll have no problem staying at home with this one. Keep safe y’all.
  13. Yes sir, Matsumoku Factory (early 80's to late 80s?) are 16th fret joint, Terada (mid 80's to mid 90s) on the other hand is 17th fret join back in
  14. Ive looked it up sir, I am afraid that it is different. 65 Casinos, Elitists are from Terada yes, but these are original Kalamazoo spec 16th fret joint.. I'm half wishing Terada recycled dimensions for hardwares and pickup placement but a friend from another forum confirmed that it is different from 90's Terada.. I think the closest lead I can ask is, is there anyone who has a Korean Epiphone Casino.. those are also made with 17th fret join.. I think those might be easier to source.. Another thing to confirm is, are Korean Epiphone Sorrentos using the same pickguard as Korean Epiphone Casinos? if thats the case, I am hoping that Sorrento pickguards will fit, but I still need a terada pickguard to at least compare it with.. I've sent PM on people here who posted they have 90s Terada made Casinos, but Ive yet to receive a reply from them..
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