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  1. Hi Ian, It's on the table at £1,425 GBP I have decided against it as there are just too many question marks over the frets - Scarily it's still on Reverb for sale and described as being in 'Excellent' condition.... Where it does appear so on first view - There is excessive fret wear especially considering it's only 4 year old. I pity the poor soul who buys it and ends up having to pay out for a stone / fret dress in absolutely no time. Without making any bad blood I have advised that the seller add to the listing that there is quite heavy fret wear, if they don't they are likley to see it get returned for credit......... they appear to have done nothing. Cheers Paul
  2. What does everyone think of this one - https://reverb.com/uk/item/22621509-es-339-memphis-sunburst-2016 Having just expeirenced some bad luck on the Cherry 339, I'm being very careful. I can't tell if the guita in the link above has been re-fretted? It also looks like the frets go to the end of the finger board as opposed to being crowned by the binding........ Maybe this is correct? Or maybe I'm just being paranoid and my eyes are decieving me.
  3. Thanks for the words of encouragment, They are both very very nice guitars........ Although I do tend to prefer the slightly more plain looking models, having said that I do appreciate the difference in solid woods as opposed to laminate, also the cost difference which can be massively more. 😕 I've already got a Fender strat that cost me well over 4K so I'm not against expensive guitars although that strat is very plain on the eye, just comes down to personal taste I guess.
  4. It's all gone majorly wrong guys and I'm absolutely gutted! When I bought the guitar I noticed the neck had a little too much relief I thought nothing of it, as it played very well and looked well cared for, I figured I'd just adjust it when I got home. I discovered that the truss rod was actually adjusted all the way up or tightened as far as it would go and yet there was still a little too much reilef in the neck. I took the string tension off and left it over night, this morning when I got up there was still relief in the neck! You would expect with it adjusted up so far that without string tension that you would see serious back bow. The guy said he hadn't played the guitar for quite some time and that was the reason for selling it, he felt it was a waste to have sat in the case unplayed, I suspect that the rather large silica gel bag placed in the case had completely dried out the wood and caused the neck to warp, or perhaps that it had been kept somewhere with too dry a humidity. Although I'm 2000% gutted the guy was kind and decent enough to take the guitar back and refund me my money. I just thought to update you all as it almost feels therapeutic to share this with like minded people. So so gutted, I hardly slept a wink last night what for worry. Do I look for another or just forget the idea, of course this is probably a one off case of bad luck but I'm so paranoid now that I'm almost too scared to look for another example. Cheers
  5. Thanks to everyone that gave me such great advice, especially @clayvilleit's massively appreciated. I actually bought an ES-339 this evening from someone local, by fate it appeared for sale and was literally 30 minutes down the road from me! The guitar was originally bought in 2013, I got a deal that I just couldn't ignore! She's called 'Marian' according to the previous owner, after his late mother. Model - ES339ARDNH1 It came with the original Gibson pre-pack checklist and the black tolex covered certificate wallet and of course the original case. Picture doesn't do the finish justice Cheers Guys
  6. Hi All, I'm new here although I'm not new to gear, I also work in the music industry and have played for many years. I 've been drooling over the smaller Gibson 339 for a while, my questions relate to the various variants of this model that I have come across, I can see a few different types which has me scratching my head. I'm traditionally more of a Fender man if I'm honest. I'm looking at one guitar which is a 2015 custom shop with dot inlays, vintage Kluson machine heads, custom shop logo on rear of headstock......... The second guitar is 2016 and has block inlays and Grover machine heads, it doesn't have the custom shop logo on the rear of the neck volute. ( I have read that these are not bespoke 'custom shop' guitars they are just produced in a different factory which make the ES range of guitars in the USA) I'm also awar e of the far more expensive variant with flame book matched tops etc... and the bespoke customer order guitars that come from the real custom shop. Of the two I'm looking at would one be considered more desirable over the other? There doesn't seem to be much in the way of detailed product history for this model. (I prefer the darker fingerboard on the 2016 model) Cheers in advance to anyone that reads this and helps shine some light. Paul (Gremlyng)
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