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  1. My understanding was that the Humidipaks were to maintain the humidity level within the case regardless of what the external environment does to keep it in the safe zone so it didn’t fluctuate.
  2. I’m confused..... Aren’t your humidipaks doing the same over humidification spike mine did? The booklet that came with the J45 said I should stay in the 45-50% range which is why a freaked when they jacked the humidity up to 64% and kept it there.
  3. Just purchased my dream guitar a couple days ago (J45 Standard) and absolutely love it. However I’m struggling to find a humidity management system to protect it. Mine shipped with a Humidipak starter kit from D’Addario. I used it for a couple of days and then pulled it after the humidity levels in the sealed case went from my house humidity (47%RH) up to 64% And stayed there. Contacted them and they said the kits start out delivering humidity in the low 60’s and then drop down to around 42 as they die. Not a good answer for something supposed to “guarantee” 45-50% constantly. I have finally gotten the level back down but now I’m looking for a solution that won’t turn my guitar into a swamp creature. What do you guys recommend? Is the Oasis a good choice... something else? I know I’m being an “over protective” parent with the J45 but I don’t want to use something that will cause issues down the road. I’m new to guitars in general and just don’t want to screw this up. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  4. As a new years resolution I decided by the end of the year that my goal is to learn how to play a guitar. I've played piano since I was second grade however lost interest in it over the years - It's just not a 'social' instrument. A few of my friends play and convinced me that it's actually much easier than piano was and alot more fun. Up until 12/31/19 I had never even picked up a guitar. At their recommendation, my first guitar was an Epiphone Masterbuilt. I'm taking online lessons since my work schedule is so whacky and really enjoying it. My goal was to become proficient by the close of 2020 and then purchase a J-45 Standard which I have always thought was one of the most beautiful instruments I'd ever seen as a reward of sorts for myself. Fast forward to now... After getting really lucky at work and earning a bonus my family convinced me to go ahead and get my 'dream' guitar early - which I did. My J-45 just arrived and I'm excited to learn all I can about my new hobby.
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