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  1. Hi, great idea, just been on Amazon and bought a 10 pack, a little cheaper then $10 lol , i paid £1.09. thank you, i will be able to put my pliers away for turning the tuning pegs.
  2. Hi, Haven't been on for a while, the last time i asked a question about the R trem, the answers came back and solved the problem instantly! this question, i've hunted the internet for a solution to this problem, no answer anywhere. it's how stiff the trem is pushing down, it's nigh on impossible, i've tried putting 10 house bricks on it and it barely moves! i'm not a typical 'dive bomber' i tend to use the trem to bend slightly into a note, or tap and release to do the vibrate sound, as soon as i try the thing doesn't even do that, the tension seems to be so high the trem just returns to it's original position and stays there without the slight vibration, the tuning is fine, the thing sounds amazing as i slammed a full set of Seymour Duncans in it. i'm just one seriously frustrated guitarist!!!!!!
  3. That's great, i'll purchase some of the grease asap, love the guitar hate tuning it lol. Thanks for the help Colin
  4. Hi Steve, yes it's a little bugger to get used to playing, not having the place to rest the upper part of the lower arm near the elbow was a problem, is had two EVH wolgangs before i bought this one, but i've gave it a good set up, played on with the truss rod to find the 'sweet spot' and rigged the guitar with a full set of Seymour Duncans and it plays great. the advice about the PTFE washers was great, i paid about £6 for 10 on ebay, and the revolve great, the thinner strings a little better than the thicker ones, probably because there is more tension in those, but as you said in time constantly tuning it should ease the stiffness of the tuners.
  5. Thanks, i used the PTFE washers and it's improved tenfold!
  6. Thanks for the help, I know the posts are fine, I use the trem very lightly, when the strings are loosened of the tuners turn no problem, it's under tension that the do, and the guitar is only 3 months old, it may be that they need a good 'work out' lol. I'll keep at it. Thanks again.
  7. All are difficult, when tuning, you can turn them smoothly and the jerk making the note too sharp/flat. i was hunting for ideas and one person on another thread has said using very thin (0.5mm) PTFE nylon washers tend to allow the tuners to turn smoother against a smooth surface than when they're touching the steel face of the bridge.
  8. Hi to you all, I've just signed up at the Gibson forum website, with recommendations from other users i know. My question is, The R-Trem bridge tuners are incredibly hard to turn to tune the guitar in, the guitar is pretty new, is there a way to get the tuners to become smoother and easier to rotate? rather than turning them at the moment in a 'jerking' motion?
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