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  1. Thanks for the help, I know the posts are fine, I use the trem very lightly, when the strings are loosened of the tuners turn no problem, it's under tension that the do, and the guitar is only 3 months old, it may be that they need a good 'work out' lol. I'll keep at it. Thanks again.
  2. All are difficult, when tuning, you can turn them smoothly and the jerk making the note too sharp/flat. i was hunting for ideas and one person on another thread has said using very thin (0.5mm) PTFE nylon washers tend to allow the tuners to turn smoother against a smooth surface than when they're touching the steel face of the bridge.
  3. Hi to you all, I've just signed up at the Gibson forum website, with recommendations from other users i know. My question is, The R-Trem bridge tuners are incredibly hard to turn to tune the guitar in, the guitar is pretty new, is there a way to get the tuners to become smoother and easier to rotate? rather than turning them at the moment in a 'jerking' motion?
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