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  1. Please share what you want Gibson Custom to offer that they don‘t. Here is my list: - Accurately shaped ES 335/345/355 from 1958 - 1961 along with proper black with gold insert reflector knobs seen on original 1960 ES 355 guitars. The current gold reflector knobs have gold that looks „brushed“ and cheap and not a perfect „mirror“ effect like the ones from the 60‘s. Also Gibson should finally correct the „F“ hole placement. It has never been correct ever since the vintage ES guitars. - 1960 Gibson Les Paul Custom 3 pickup with Bigsby Same complaint; in 1960 Gibson Les Paul Cutoms had beautiful black knobs with gold reflector inlays. Gibson should offer a reissue of this version. 1961 Les Paul Custom/SG Custom with sideways vibrola Cool guitar. Gibson should offer this version along with accurate gold reflector knobs, sideways vibrola and properly placed and shaped pickups. - Finally, I think Gibson should simply copy what the Fender Custom Shop is doing. Offer all the wild specs along with masterbuilders who can get down to the finest minutiae of what the customer wants. Gibsons made to measure program is a joke to the Fender Custom Shop.
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