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    1976 ES-345 knobs

    Just to mix things up, here's a 1976 es-345 with supposedly original speed knobs just like mine: https://www.chicagomusicexchange.com/listing/gibson-es-345-walnut-1976/25731970 That's confusing..any way to date speed knobs?
  2. TeroK

    1976 ES-345 knobs

    Thank you Jim for your insight and information! I am planning to keep the speed knobs because I prefer the look and usability, but if I can find original knobs at a reasonable price they might add to resale value if I decide to sell later on..or they might not. I've seen sets of four 60's witch hats with gold inserts sold for 200-250 USD but since I live in Europe they would cost nearly 350 with shipping and customs. Anyway, I'm skipping the ones I linked, nice repro knobs can be found for much less money..But if anyone knows a reputable dealer for vintage Gibson parts in Europe, please let me know! -Tero
  3. Hi everyone, I'm looking for period correct volume and tone knobs for my '76 ES-345. They have been replaced at some point with speed knobs. I'm looking at the ones I've linked here but am worried because of the price, good condition and numbers at the bottom which other vintage witch hats don't seem to have. Or did late 70's guitars have different knobs from the earlier ones? Any other identifying features for original vintage vs. repro knobs? Thanks in advance! https://reverb.com/item/31251777-gibson-les-paul-witch-hat-knobs-70s-black
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