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  1. Does 'safer' count for anything? Watch the residential houses in the background here. Don't think for a second those people who own those houses signed up for this &#_$. Sorry but railroads can be used to transport other things. It's not a necessity to their industry to be hauling around bombs.
  2. Humoring spam posts aside, that's a lot of doom and gloom about your local public education system. Maybe consider moving? I am in New York. Our students are 1-to-1 with Chromebooks. That means each and every student is assigned a Chromebook by the district. The school computer network is blazing fast. With all the students working from home, we loaned out Internet hotspots to each and every family that needed one. Math is taught differently than it was in my day, but know the enemy before you criticize that. There is plenty to be said for the "new way". English? We learn to
  3. Where to come from, they call that a "happy ending".
  4. Don't know if it is helpful but my first impression was that this was repainted at some point:
  5. I've played in musical theater productions with my Mustang amp. Talk about needing noise free patches. Worked out fine for me. 🤷‍♂️
  6. Sounds like possibly you didn't balance the channel volume and master volume for your channel(s). I found my Fender Mustang effects to be usable - although I prefer my stomp boxes 100% of the time of course. It might depend on the music style too. I haven't been playing anything "heavy" for a long time.
  7. Nice. I had no idea just how good he was until I saw him live. He was most known for slow tasteful playing but he was able to do fast runs too.
  8. I don't suppose it was at Westbury Music Fare in Long Island? If so, I was at that show - front row. Bobby Blue Bland had to cancel so B.B. did a special extended set. One of my favorites shows I ever went to.
  9. B.B. King played SS amps and I never once thought his sound was anything other than spot on for his style.
  10. Also, a lot of that "shrill & harsh sounding" problem stems from (a) opinions about older products which have vastly improved in further releases over the last decade or so and (b) person who doesn't know how to program digital gear to have a classic sound. A lot of people dial in way too much treble and that's where the "shrill" thing happens.
  11. Unfortunately, with that rig you are still stuck dragging around a pedal board or going with minimal or no effects. The digital amps have all that built in.
  12. The right tool for the job: Recording - vintage Super Reverb for sound quality, modeling amp for no mic hiss "Low end gig" - modeling amp "High end gig" - vintage Super Reverb Playing at home for fun - both amps
  13. What will the girls do? 😟😆
  14. Can't get this idea out of my head. What if you cut a piece of Corning Gorilla Glass to that same shape and lay that across the top? I think that might be expensive though and I don't know how easy it would be to cut that stuff.
  15. Yay fixed! Thank you! No complaint here, it's a free forum. I knew you guys would get to it. 👍 Thanks again!
  16. The Monoprice Stage Right 15w and Peavey Classic 30 have no headphone sound as far as I can tell from the photos. The headphone requirement also rules out most (if not all) of those 1-5w tube amps. You're mostly looking at DSP amps.
  17. Back when they tried to make indoor soccer a thing in the US, I used to follow these guys: New York Arrows (Major Indoor Soccer League)
  18. That is correct; it might seem like splitting hairs but the actual thing that makes one thing float and another sink is density. Also ice will generally have at least a little bit if air trapped inside which also makes it float.
  19. I kind of don't like wooden pickguards because the function of the pickguards is to protect the wood. Just one opinion, go with your gut. You could easily sell that if you don't use it. It came out really nice. The other guitar I would definitely be happy with just as it is. It's going to look great with all the hardware and strings on.
  20. Out of the options you listed, I'd personally lean toward the Champion 100. But here are a couple of other options to check out: Fender Mustang LT25 25W 1x8 Fender Mustang LT50 50W 1x12 These are digital modeling amps with simplified controls. Has headphone jack and they sound very good in headphones. Try it in the store if possible.
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