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  1. Stupid Canadians and their ummmmm (does a frantic web search) high per capita energy consumption. 😡
  2. I think we have desensitized the forum. 😆
  3. Tman, holy crow. I'm so sorry that happened to you. Imma take a little mojo out of my bag and send it west. Keep on keeping on.
  4. No "27 club" for you then. 😞 Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Robert Johnson, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse
  5. From the country that brought you Justin Bieber, Nickelback and Robin Thicke. Fun fact: Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus are the same person.
  6. I think we found the hoser. 🇨🇦 😭
  7. It was me, I blasted everyone in this thread. 😭
  8. ....aaaaaaand that's why I live in New York. ⬆️
  9. To the hoser following me around the forum adding a "sad smiley" to all my comments ... 😭 Keep doing it! I'll get you too! Fun for all! 😃👍
  10. 😃 SP knows my style by now. I like Zappa a lot. And Vai. And Miley is indeed a pop tart.
  11. Meh Zappa had to hire Steve Vai to play the hard parts. 🤭
  12. It's as simple as this: If you want to listen to a band like the Beatles, go listen to the Beatles If you want to listen to Miley Cyrus, go listen to Miley Cyrus If you think Frank Zappa was a better singer than either of the above, go see a hearing doctor 😂
  13. The cost of living is lower than new york too. Not sure if that evens out or not. Had a chance to listen to the Miley clip. Honestly, I didn't hear her sing one wrong note. Her pitch is very good.
  14. Average HS teacher salary is $77K (as per teacher.org). This is in New York. Average police salary is $66K in this area (as per salary.org). Sadly, the teachers may need to dodge bullets too.
  15. What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?
  16. Might be a problem with where you choose to live. Teachers make a good living in my district.
  17. Billy Ray Cyrus estimated net worth: 20 Million Egad the poor guy must be reusing underwear instead of wearing them once and tossing them out.
  18. Not a fan of her work. Would never buy an album or see a concert. You know if she sucked 100% it wouldn't matter how famous she is. Just ask Ashlee Simpson, Paris Hilton, etc.
  19. Seriously his pedal collection alone was dizzying. I wonder what Eddie had hidden away.
  20. Well here is a whole thread just to hate on her. I guess that's being famous. If someone starts a thread just to point out what a bad singer someone else is, IMO it's only fair to provide a sample of your own vocals. What do you say Sgt. Peeper? Give us a few bars of "Stairway to Heaven" acappella perhaps?
  21. At first I was crushed when they started selling off Walter Becker's gear but I'm at peace with it now. People should be playing and admiring those pieces.
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