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  1. Laney makes a great little amp too. I have the VC 15 and love it.
  2. After a mere 13 hours of continuous travel, I finally made it home. :D I'm beat, but it feels great to be home for the holidays.
  3. I know what I want Santa to bring me this year. Randy Rhoads Les Paul Custom
  4. It didn't come with a case? Odd What kind of case do you have?
  5. That's easy; Tonoph, NV. 230 miles to Vegas, 239 to Reno and nothing in between. Quite literally the middle of no where. The town is an abandoned silver mining town, they only exist because they have a gas station, a Burger King and a McDonalds. I spent 6 miserable weeks near there (and the place I was at considered Tonopah upscale).
  6. I used to be a bazillion-gazillion-aire, but it just got to be too much trouble spending a gazzilion dollars a week, so I just gave it up and decided to live a modest lifestyle. You know, down to 1 mansion, 1 Ferrari, 1 Escalade, 1 limo, and 1 Gulfstream. I know what you are thinking; how can he get by with just one Gulfstream, well it's tough, but we all have to make sacrifices.
  7. Depending on which part of town you are in. When I go back there, I usually stay in Media (west side), and the downtown area is full of great restaurants, and none of the usual chains. Personally I try to avoid chains like the TGI-Apple-Chilli-Tuesdays, Red Lobster, Olive Garden etc. When you get there, just ask, lots of great places to eat. Geno's is fun and a must do if you have never been. Mine are witout.
  8. I stand corrected Laaz. I never noticed that before. Thanks.
  9. Why? Randy didn't have his engraved. And I'm quite sure "Gibson" wasn't scrolled across the PuPs either. If I'm not mistaken, I believe the 74/75 era were the "Pancake" era, which were different than the 68s.
  10. Man I wanted this one badly. Original 1974 LPC Will have to check the R-Rhodes out. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. but they told me they were 21.
  12. I like the new look of the forum. When did this happen?
  13. Given the choices, I'm going with the Stones. But neither were my favorites from the era.
  14. I'd love to get my paws on either (or both) of these babies.
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