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  1. This is true.... we're so divided as a people....and people can't discuss differences....seems they just attack each other....sad....
  2. Incredible videos. The work was top-notch... the luthier has a great feel on the instrument. The history was interesting.... I learned a BUNCH just watching! The owner doesn't play music like many of us.....but I appreciate his willingness to get the guitar back to the shape it is in now.
  3. Townes can be very dark...and I was not looking forward to recording this song, It was recorded the same day I did The Mavericks "Pardon Me" cover and Sinatra's "Summer Wind"....but I thought it came out pretty well, (considering my limited guitar skills and singing voice).
  4. I'm pretty sure I meant "finger picking" skills....
  5. Yes.... I believe you can see the "Dorito Chips" in several photos of my guitars.... I'm actually kind of pleased that I'm not the only one who uses these massive plectrums! By the way..... "Old" is a relative term. If all your relatives are old...chances are you are too!
  6. I started using them when I was playing bass.... then just got used to them...now, of course, the arthritis dictates I use something my crippled old hands can hold on to.
  7. I know I'll be the odd man out here...but this is what I use....if required, I'll use the 'Medium". They have them in "Thin" but I never use them.... I have literally HUNDREDS of these picks. I've used them for over 50 years.
  8. I don't know...Leslie never told me....but I'll ask her.... she's in South America right now.
  9. I NEVER leave my guitars out of the case at night. I was able to buy my 12-string because Leslie left it out when the big Napa earthquake hit..... broke off the headstock. She sent it back to Gibson for the repair, but I think it bugged her too much, (maybe she's a perfectionist...I don't know). Anyway, you'd have a tough time seeing the crack...in fact, I asked her if the neck had been replaced. So.... they're ALWAYS in their cases when not in use.
  10. I gave up on ALL news.... they can take any story and make it bad..... we've all seen how ALL news manipulates stories and photos to make us hate one another. And...I'm much more at peace now for it.
  11. My sister-in-law had 'barn cats' and they seemed to be fodder for the coyotes, (Bend, OR). She named them #1, #2, #3, etc. I think she finally gave up on replacing the cats when she was naming them #11 & #12.
  12. I wonder who and how many people listen to these posts?
  13. Sounds great! And nice playing! Wish I had finger licking skills! Play more!
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