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  1. I had my Luthier install the K&K Trinity pickup/mic on my old J-50. If I Like it, I'll have it installed on my Dove too. While he had it, I had an old set of Grover Tuners laying around, and the Kluson tuners on the J-50 were hard for me to turn with my arthritis, so I had him change the out. The Pickups are great.... haven't figured out the mic yet.... but the tuners not only look great, but the guitar is much easier for me to tune now. This guitar is my workhorse. I play it most every day.... I like it even better now.
  2. That was wonderful...nothing better than a straight acoustic performance. Roseanne is blessed with a great voice, and John is masterful on the guitar. Would liked to have seen more of John's guitar.
  3. I said I'd take some photos of the back of my Koa wood 'Bird.... so I have.
  4. Welcome! Those are beautiful...they look mighty new, no?
  5. 01, I'm with ya on the scripting.... I can almost skip the entire Counting Cars script and just see the 'before' and 'after' cars! Same with Pawn Stars....just give me the appraisals..... I watched cooking shows for awhile....but since I'm a total zero in the kitchen, (I do make the coffee here), it was like they were speaking another language. But....we watch these mindless shows for the ability to put our minds in neutral.
  6. And That's JUST the way it works!
  7. If you're not concerned with price, and must be new, I'd go with the Hummingbird Custom shop with Thermally Aged Sitka Spruce Top. I bought a Custom Hummingbird (Koa) brand-new in 2011....and 10 years later, it's just now coming into it's own.
  8. My own arrangement of a VERY old song.... most people know Elvis' version (with the Jordanairs), but I mixed in some AP Carter with it. I've always liked the song, but not good for someone who sings like me to try to cover Elvis.
  9. Sometimes people just wanna 'veg-out' and watch mindless crap on TV. I do that by watching Battle Bots, Counting Cars and Top Gear, (too bad the British version got screwed up).
  10. No one posts any performances in here..... you'd think with the COVID shut-down we'd ALL be playing the heck out of our Gibsons! I've found at this stage of my life, I hear songs and they take me back to a place in time...not necessarily a "place", (Massachusetts is okay....wouldn't move there for any reason), but I heard the Bee Gee's doing this old song, and it struck me....it's really a good song.
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