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  1. I've always admired Jackson Browne....a true talent. It says a lot to me when someone can pick up an acoustic guitar and sing and make it sound so beautiful. Thanks for posting both these videos.
  2. So far, I like everything about it. I sure hope it's real.... have you asked the guy why he's selling it so cheap?
  3. Looks good...what make you think it could be fake? (I'm a fan of the honey burst 'Birds).
  4. There is just nothing better than a person playing an acoustic guitar....some folk are listening, some aren't...that isn't what's important....the important thing the playing.
  5. Good on you! Good song.... nice performance....now do it again with your banner! The Epi is a pretty danged good guitar for the money!
  6. I bought a brand-new Hummingbird Custom Koa back in 2011.... it's just now coming into it's own! You new sibling will be a stunner, for sure! Congratz!
  7. Now THAT'S special! Seems as though you really married 'up'!
  8. I too enjoyed learning about the L.L. F-5 and about the F-2 model, (I really like the F-2). I have a Loar Brand mandolin, (like an F-5). The Gibson mandolins are too rich for my playing ability on them! I'd love to play a L.L. F-5 sometime.
  9. You'll get them back to tomorrow out on the lawn.
  10. I know KS (Mod) checked our my profile and didn't see anything...but like you said, Wild Bill may have provided a great clue! Maybe our accounts can be upgraded from "Members" to "All Access"!
  11. Maybe that's a clue as to what's going on..... and it's good to know I'm not the only one!
  12. Sounds like fun! I was in Zermatt, Switzerland...and there was a lounge with a small grand piano in it. Sign said to not touch....I asked the barkeep, (or whoever) if I could play....he said, okay....so I played all the songs I know on piano, (and a few I didn't know).
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