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  1. Hello Bill Adding to what darling67 told you, I have a Les Paul Special from the same Collection, Same P90's, and they sound awesome whit very low hum, no problem in that context, and the guitar for the price seems good, just be especially careful to inspect it when it arrives. Mine came whit an overly filed nut that I will have to replace, and a LOT (i mean like 8 ) high frets. So be aware of that. I hate this because the idea behind this line is really good, I just wish that Epiphone could keep the quality of a Squier Classic Vibe, for example, just to tell a similarly priced guit
  2. Hi Jazzman I can't thank you enough for that AMAZING answer, you solved my question whit a lot of very interesting history tips. Previously i have made a lot of research and I end up thinking that it was made between 79/80, because of a few a saw on sale, so you solved the mystery. Really not so much information around these guitars. It is an amazing guitar, I have to try guitars that cost more than 500 and doesn't sound like this one, I love it. Thanks again! Have a nice weekend!
  3. Hi! Let's see guys if you could help me whit this one, I can find any certain information about how to decode the year of this Epiphone. When I bought it it was abandoned, whit the tuners take off, and bad nut and saddle. Made new ones from ebony, put the tuners on, give some love.. and now it is my favorite guitar, I love the sound and how it plays. I would really like to know the year. I know that is a laminated top and that it was like the cheapest of the line. That's all. Thanks in advance!
  4. Actually is one of the new series of Epiphone inspired by Gibson, love the pickups, the guitar is gorgeous, and i like the fat neck shape. The only thing that it left me a huge bitter taste, is that it came full of high frets (look like that they are badly seated), a bad cut nut, and some minor paint issues. QC is very poor.
  5. Nice! Thanks for the reply, now enjoy that beauty as much as you can!
  6. Congrats!! That's a really nice color :), BTW what did the shop said about the repair? What do they do? Cheers,
  7. I have bought an LP Special of this new collection, and it has several high frets among others things you commented, it is going to the official service for the 3rd time now... let's see if this time they sent me a new guitar. There is a huge problem whit this, we also bought an SG 61┬┤and 2 of 3 have the same problem. Reseating, leveling frets, in my opinion, shouldn't have to be done on a new guitar.
  8. Thanks for the advice, i already did it, they told me to take back the guitar to the service. That's why i am looking for advice, and others experience. Maybe it is just a waste of time, as is the last time i took it, the next step for sure, is a new guitar. Anyway whatever i chose to do, i will share it here. Cheers
  9. Hi there! This was my experience, if it helps anyone. I am having the same issue whit a Les Paul Special from this new collection. When I pickup the guitar from the store, i realize that there where some fret buzzing, but i thought that it was only the action being too low, after raising it by giving some relief on the truss rod, it was still giving a lot of fret buzz. So i pick up a fret rocker, and check every fret, ending up in 8 high frets. First, i take it to the shop, they only raise the action more, making it uncomfortable, and still giving some fret buzz, so they
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