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  1. Thanks everyone, looks like this forum has some great contributors/ threads.
  2. Thanks and yeah I agree black against natural would be sexy
  3. Just to poke all the hatersđŸ˜˜
  4. New to this group myself, I saw your post and it struck a chord, It’ll happen in due time. Took me 35 years....
  5. New to the group. Middle aged NeverWas , picked up playing again a couple of years ago when my son started showing interest. Keeps me humble and engaged. Newest addition to the fam.
  6. Little late to the party but I have a 120th Anniversary Explorer with a Bigsby B5 installed with a Vibramate. Plays great( kind of a pain to restring but not terrible), stays in tune fine and looks cool as hell IMO( which is the onlyopinion that matters since it’s my axe).
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