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  1. Appreciate the answers!
  2. I have an opportunity to buy a 72/73 B-25 at a really low price. It's in great shape, has had the ADJ bridge fixed which I like...but I know some of the acoustics in the Norlin era had double X bracing. Is that only true of the dread sized guitars? Or would an early 70s B-25 have double X bracing as well?
  3. Appreciate the replies! I may have to just wait until shops start to open back up...we'll see if I can do that or if my GAS makes me do something more impulsive.
  4. I currently have an Epi Masterbilt AJ500M that I really love, but I’m looking to add a Gibson dreadnought to my stable. But as luck would have it, every guitar shop anywhere near me is shut down so instead of playing a bunch of guitars, I’m trying to make a decision based off of YouTube videos, past playing experiences, and hopefully some advice from this great forum. As mentioned I really like my AJ500, and ultimately what I want is something with a similar tone but just, well, upgraded. I know the AJ has a longer scale but not really sure what Gibson it would ladder up to tone wise. I’ve played a number of J45s over the years and am thinking that likely be the one to go with, but am curious about the other models I have less experience with. Have heard a lot of great things about J15s, though I worry they might be a bit too warm. I really like the crispness I can hear from the J35s, but have heard they can get tinny when you dig in strumming. Been a while since I’ve played a Hummingbird but I also remember them having a nice sound. Any opinions on what might be a good fit? In terms of use, I’m looking for something that’s a great strummer - I don’t really flatpick and have an old LG-2 that I do most of my fingerpicking on. I play a good mix of solo “singer songwriter” shows and low key folk full band shows (acoustic, lead electric, soft drums, bass). Looking forward to any thoughts, thanks.
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