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  1. Hi guys, I do not have calipers to measure mine. Does anyone know the dimensions at the 1st and 12th fret for the neck on this one? It’s described as the “Vintage Round” http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Acoustic-Instruments/2018/J-45-Vintage.aspx
  2. I bought a vintage and immediately sold the standard, it was a very biggest difference in tone.
  3. Can anyone comment on the difference between the standard and legend fretwire?
  4. I actually had a 2009 standard that was a very very good standard in its own right. 3 days with the vintage and she was sold. It just sounded dead in comparison. My particular 2017 has plenty of base, probably as much as the standard did but with an amazing clarity and sparkle
  5. I bought it new but it had be in a store getting some play I’m sure.
  6. I just got one of the vintage built in 2017. By far, bar none best guitar I’ve EVER played.
  7. I did confirm with Gibson that this is in fact a true vintage. Thanks for all the replies.
  8. I can’t really find too much on what makes these guitars different except the rectangular bridge and 3 on a plate tuners on the 1942 Banner. Are they structurally similar as far as bracing etc goes?
  9. Thanks for the info. I guess I should have clarified that mine has both the serial and made in the USA stamped on the headstock
  10. I am pretty certain based off everything I’ve seen that this is a true vintage. The only identifier I am slightly confused on is that I read that TV models do not have the serial number stamped on the headstock and mine does.
  11. Hi all! I just picked up a 2007 J-185 which I believe to be a true vintage but wanted to confirm with those more wise than myself. The serial number dates it to Feb 2, 2007. It has the orange label (which just says J-185), the brown/pink case, bone nut and saddle. The paperwork in the case has the model number J88V v9 NHI Any assistance on where to verify, or where to find out if any other J-185 versions were even in production at that time would be much appreciated. Matt
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