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  1. Yes,I wouldnt do it either! It just a thought,that came to mind. I will ask pro luthier when i get a chance...Thanks anyway!
  2. I mean long track,that cause by the single drop Yes,I like all the scuffs and gouges - Its natural relic and I'm not after "restoring it" to its super glassy look,but to make such a dumb damage (irreversible!!!) in the first week of having it ,I want to chop off both of my hands. What do you think about (Out of curiosity) - hypothetically - the pro guys,who do restorations (cars/wood furniture),they have that instrument to polish surfaces - it does take out some portion of nitro,but if you ask the guy to do it very-very slightly ?... To dissolve the area a little bit,make it less visible; hypothetically speaking.
  3. Guys,hope everyone’s safe during covid. I have a specific question about finish cleaner. I recently acquired a '71 Goldtop and accidentally spilled a drop of alcohol/oil contained liquid. So stupid,I want to tear my hands off. It made a track on the finish, not too deep, but surely has some deepness. Idiot. Knowing,that alcohol destroys nitro, My question is - did I completely ruin it and its going to stay there forever? (no refin suggestions on all original 71)) what to do? Can any cleaner handle that? Gibson Pump? Luthiers choice? GHS black bottle cleaner? Virtuoso Cleaner (I’ve read its the best)
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