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  1. maybe a 211 since it has a humbucker in the bridge position?
  2. PurdyDot

    Floyd Rose

    Heyhey 🙂 What sort of tweaking did you do? On my vintage, when I tried to lower the floyd down to the deck, the action was waaaay too low, so I ended up taking it back up quite a ways (still far lower than it was from the factory. mine was all screwy from the factory). If you weren't going to be pulling the trem sharp, then I think the trem-stop was a really good choice. I have an old kramer focus 2000 and the body under the tremolo has depressed indentation in it that's the shape of the shim plate on the bottom of the floyd. It actually compressed the wood down, at a slight angle, by so
  3. PurdyDot


    (Sorry, this got pretty long. Recalling my old Striker sent me on a nostalgia trip ;P) I had one back in the early 90s. Bought it from a newspaper ad while I was spending a month in the hospital as a paid guinea pig. They paid a group of us $1000 to stay 30 days in the hospital while they switched us back and forth between 2 different anti-depressants while they took our blood up to 8 times a day. The ad came up in the newspaper while I was in there, and I convinced them to advance me some of the money to pay for it. lol Anyway, I didn't know enough about kramers at the time to realize that
  4. Cool beans, make it scream! 😉 And hey, let us know how it comes out 😄
  5. I *was* planning to get one of those in red, with the idea that I would then immediately replace the stock tremolo with a floyd and do some other little upgrades. But they were always out of stock on the color I wanted, so I finally got so frustrated with waiting that I ordered a baretta special "vintage" model in red instead. It already had the sorts of upgrades I would probably have done anyway, buuuuut it would have been a lot cheaper if I'd done it myself. lol I think the "special" model is supposed to have a lighter body, and boy I would be glad of that, because this all-maple monst
  6. PurdyDot

    String gauge

    So thaaaat's why they felt a bit stiff lol I'm used to 9s 😜 I dug out the micrometer and mine appear to be 10 to 46.
  7. PurdyDot

    Kramer ID Help

    $600 to $700 sounds pretty optimistic for a Striker. In the end, what a guitar is *really* worth, is whatever someone will pay for it. So it's quite possible that somebody might buy a striker for that much (the case probably helps with value), but the problem -at least in my book- is that Strikers are plywood guitar. You can upgrade the pickups, electronics, knobs, tuners, and tremolo, and still have a "Kramer Guitar", but you can *never change a plywood body into a solid-wood body*. It just wouldn't really be a "Kramer Guitar" any more if you tried to change out the body. And if it's
  8. PurdyDot

    Floyd Rose

    For reference, the bridge plate on a Floyd Rose, whether floating or not, is meant to be level/parallel with the body That keeps the trem blades alligned properly with the studgrooves as intended, leaves enough room for the string retainer screws under your fine tuners to travel freely, Keeps your trem bar at the intended angle compared to the guitar, etc. So if you want a floyd to *only dive*, then you should find a way to "block your tremolo". The idea being that you set the tremolo up so that your action and everything is how you want it, while in tune, and with the trem's base plate le
  9. Sorry if I wasn't clear, and I also apologize for the length of this message, but I didn't know what all info you wanted, so I pretty much wrote out everything I could think of) Well, primarily what I was looking for, were whatever the "factory/default specs" are for the main/primary/basic adjustments like: Neck relief at 7th fret String height at 12th fret String height at nut (the 3 main parameters involved in setting up a guitar's "action") Pickup distance from strings I used the term "Setup", because if a music store offers to do a setup on your guitar, mostly what the
  10. Hi 😄 I just got one of the new Kramer Baretta Vintage guitars, and it arrived damaged and all out of whack. (presumably that way from the factory, since the box didn't appear to have been been damaged at all, and didn't appear to have ever been re-opened for any sort of inspection or anything) I'd like to set it up to whatever the original/official specs were *supposed* to be, but they aren't included with the guitar, and I haven't been able to find out what they are 😞 I live in a small town with no local music store, and got the instrument from an online distributor who I'd rather not t
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