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  1. Four Martins and four Gibsons here - I want to be fair! šŸ˜€
  2. That one is much cheaper, Sgt.. I wonder if there were good and bad years with that model or if that mystic wood is not that good.
  3. There is a J-2000 Mystic Rosewood available. I never touched this model before. Can you tell me something about it?
  4. Wonderful! While I love my Hummingbird, the guitars shown here sound better. šŸ‘
  5. I like them on my Southern Jumbo and the Hummingbird. And the Gibson 80/20 coated are nice strings too.
  6. I have a few Snarks (or knock offs) and a Daddario mini but don't use them anymore since I bought a TC Polytune. Meanwhile I also have the Unitune because I don't use the poly function much. Both top tuners!
  7. Very nice playing and a great sound, BluesKing! And yes, the CEO-7 is a blues, folk and fingerpicking monster. Incredible guitar!
  8. My guitars are mostly non-cutaways, BUT: That's a cooooooool looking guitar!
  9. If Gibson loses so many plaers they seem to be successful with collectors as they just announced a major factory expansion at their Bozeman facility.
  10. Beautiful! Good guy, he is giving here a language to communicate and feel good! Iā€˜d love to have a few scratches from her fingers on my shiny new Gibson Dove that always remind me to be nice. Nobody else would be allowed to scratch that guitar. šŸ™‚
  11. Is that true? You make me worry a little because my Love Dove is red and it sees the sun quite often. What does happen with the finish?
  12. Thanks Paul, I thought, I saw all youtube videos about the Love Dove but this was new to me.
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