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  1. Is that true? You make me worry a little because my Love Dove is red and it sees the sun quite often. What does happen with the finish?
  2. Thanks Paul, I thought, I saw all youtube videos about the Love Dove but this was new to me.
  3. Are those signature model limited runs? I‘m asking because here in Europe the Love Dove is said to be limited with 50 units worldwide but you can find them in quite a lot of stores. That makes me wonder.
  4. Ha! You are the man, Jinder! Jumping out of the coffin and finding a new love on the same day! I thought about you quite often during the last weeks since my mother suffered from some similar illness a few years ago and that was scaring. Didn’t want to mention that before. Good thing was, she recovered fully and quickly after the right medical treatment. I can somehow imagine what you are through. It’s great to see you that powerful and active. Well done!
  5. I enjoy the cheer! I enjoy your playing! And I really like the place where you play! Great Jeff, thanks for posting!
  6. I love this song since decades. Sal, you made me play and sing it now by myself again! 🙂
  7. Jinder, great to see you being active here!!! 👍
  8. Elixir or coated Gibson 80/20 here. They need 2 days but then I love the tone.
  9. I wanted to write something .... .... but started thinking .... .... and found out it’s a tough question. No idea! All of them?!?
  10. So sorry to read this. You were the inspiration for buying a Dove, that is sitting right beside me. We both wish you all the best!!!
  11. Yeah, in a personal meeting! While still many people think, Australia and Austria is the same, a trip from one to the other could take weeks now with all that travel restrictions. But for a nice TRC ..... I mean I would got there, but we are just a few hours away from the next lockdown here. 😂 or maybe 😢 Stay healthy, friends!
  12. Bruce, those pictures change my vew completely! If the lower pic is your guitar, I‘d say it is amazing. That headstock binding is much more beautiful than the one of the old guitar. It almost looks like a maple binding. The only thing I would do is to get rid of the TRC with its snow white binding and replace it with something the fits to this, your beautiful guitar. Just because it is original doesn’t mean it’s good. Also now that I looked so closely, I don’t like the TRC on my ‚cheapie‘ SJ-200 Standard anymore. It’s made nicely and is a 2-layer therefore the snow white edge is much smaller, but now that I see it, I might switch to a black or black/cream one. Does anyone have nice ideas?
  13. While you are right, I think your SJ was 'cheap' in comparison what you have to pay for that old '52 SJ. 😀 Of course, they should care a bit more.
  14. Nice, that you are still helping to keep this forum alive and active! 🙂
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