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  1. Really, really nice! Never heard this song before. Beautiful and authentic. Waiting for the next.
  2. That is the Bob Dylan SJ-200 Players Edition.
  3. Zygis, I really understand your frustration with the guitar you got. But 1 out of 100 seems simply wrong to me. I checked 3 of my 4 Gibsons and none looks anything like yours. There is a little squeeze out at the X-bracing cross that looks like it belongs to this area and that’s it. I think, someone did a sloppy work and you had bad luck. Not nice but can happen. I think you should return it and that’s it. Let Gibson know about your guitar, buy another one and be happy.
  4. I just made pictures of some of my guitars: SJ-200 Standard 2000 Frank Hannon ‚Love Dove‘ Hummingbird Standard 2018 Martin D-18 MD 2019 But I can‘t put them into this post. For some reason my size limit is 0.03MB. Not one of the guitars looks as bad as the one of the OP. Martin is the cleanest but no problems with the Gibsons.
  5. But I‘m an all-six-at-once-guy and to old to switch to a three-and-three-guy. Did anyone ever cause a problem on guitars by changing all strings at once?
  6. I might have been to quick with my judgement. Your opinion is much more thoughtful than mine. It is still your guitar! 🙂
  7. Those must be really perfect godlike guys if their level of ethics is that high. If you repaint the guitar you bought you can do with it what you want. If you make changes to fake a higher grade model and try to sell it without mentioning would be unethical. But that’s not the case here. To me it is unethical if someone limits your right to handle your guitar in the way you want.
  8. It seems you are not the only lucky one: Congrats! I love the looks.
  9. Wow! It works, I'm impressed. Thanks Dave! Ha! And one more:
  10. Wanted to show another pic, but it seems I used the 02 MB already in the post above.
  11. The more my belly moves downwards the more I like guitars with a belly up bridge! Guys you made me crazy with that guitar. So, 5 minutes ago I bought one! Sundown, that's your fault, just saying. 🙂 It should be exactly this one from a nice store in Germany that make pics of each and every guitar they sell. So, this ist mine now:
  12. Servus docr, yes I know, Thomann ran out of the coated PB And the MB. Doesn’t even mention a possible delivery date. I bought 2 sets of their SAG strings and they are listed as sold out too now. I would also be very interested in a replacement. Greeting from Vienna
  13. Hello Woody! Hello sundown! Wonderful! That will be my next guitar purchase. Sadly they are not available for a long time here in Europe. I‘m jealous.
  14. Peter Z


    How did you record that? Vocals and guitar at once with 2 mics? I asked because I hear some phasing that can be caused if 2 mics pic up the the same signal from different positions. That phasing can also be caused by your mastering software if you use sound field effects (widener, etc.).
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