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  1. I have an older '56 GT. I almost sold it until I found out I could drop a set of minis in it. I use too many pedals for P-90s, and try as I might, I just don't like them. Way too noisy for me. I had an Epi '57 Jr. too, and sold it. I love my GT now. I put a set of Gibson minis in it and I couldn't be happier. I love the neck profile, very similar to the Agile AL series, I have 6.
  2. I wouldn't touch them with a 10' pole. There are plenty of companies that are legit and sell quality guitars at a much lower price than Gibson. I have a Gibson Custom Les Paul several Epis. If you are looking for something under $500 check out rondomusic.com. I have purchases several (7) Agiles from them and have been happy with the guitars and the customer service. They are legit. They have changed their models since I bought mine. If you are looking fora Les Paul types of guitar I wouldn't get anything lower than their AL-2500. Lower models have bolt on necks. The necks on the ALs that I hav
  3. 1 - if they are humbuckers they will fit. 2 - are they worth buying? I don't know, you didn't post any info about them. I put a set of GFS Vintage 59s in my Dot and I love them. I just went to GFS and I see they don't make them anymore, but they do have some very similar. It doesn't look like they make humbuckers with gold cases anymore. This is what I put in mine. I think I used the OEM pup rings, been so long since I did it I can't remember. I know this doesn't help a lot since they are chrome. I wanted to keep mine chrome because the gold wears off fairly quick for me. Some like that
  4. Nice job. I did a similar job on mine, but I went with chrome hardware and a B70 instead of a B7, I wanted to keep the cost as low as possible. Mine is in my avatar. I had a pick guard made for mine too. I had a local trophy shop make my custom made plate for $5.
  5. Sorry to hear the bad news. I almost had that happen to my Gibson Custom Les Paul. Fortunately I caught it before it bit the dust. I have strap locks on all of my guitars now. I am very careful to make sure they lock in now, especially on my LPs. The good news is that it is repairable. As far as resale value, it won't be worth as much when you sell it because of the break. I've seen the finished repair on a few guitars by pros, and I could still see where the break was. I'm sure there are luthiers that can do such a good job you can't tell, but by the time you pay for it you could probably
  6. I've had http://www.terrapinguitars.com/ make me a few pick guards. He isn't the cheapest guy on the block, but he does very good work. I had him make one for my Dot and Sheraton and they came out great. The Dot is in my Avatar. He did need my original pick guards to use as a template to make sure the new ones fit around the pickups right. They fit like a glove, no trimming need on my part. I also had him design one for a Strat that I made. It came out very nice. His communication is great, we where in contact with each other several times until I decided on this design. There used to be
  7. I agree about the Vibramate and B7 not being a problem with the bridge. However, I roller bridge couldn't hurt. I'd try it without first. If you find that the strings bind in the saddles, it could be something as easy as a burr to file down. I did put a B-70 on an LP style and I did need a Wilkinson roller bridge. The angle from the high "E" string to the bottom of the roller was too drastic and it hit the back of the bridge causing the guitar to continually go out of tune. That really should be an issue with the Vibramate. Like was said before, it raises the B7 off of the guitar. The guitar t
  8. Pretty funny, I needed a good laugh!
  9. Didn't need to do anything to mine as far a playability. I got it from Sweetwater and it came set up perfectly for me. I have to admit I'm not a P-90 guy. I have tried. I've bought a couple of guitars with P-90s, but I use too many pedals and that makes P-90s really noisy. I put a set of Gibson minis in it and I have loved it ever since.
  10. My go to guitar does change from time to time. Right now it's my Agile AL-3000M neckthru. It has a heal cut for much easier access to upper frets which I love.
  11. If I take the PG off, I leave the screws in the holes. It doesn't bother me so much then. Actually, I switch back and forth. Sometimes on, sometimes off.
  12. I have Wilkinson Roller Bridges on all but one of my guitars with Bigbys. The other one has Graph Tech saddles, not an issue at all. This is the Wilkinson:
  13. OP - when you move your volume pot, does the volume gradually get louder or more like on/off?
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