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  1. Here you go, Em7...nothing really special to see here. From what I understand, there is another VCS model 2007 Custom shop 60's Dove which has a white "Dove" truss rod cover, a binding running down the middle of the back body, as well as the two distinguishable darker "stripes" down the neck and through the headstock. That model does not have the tune-o-matic bridge. I saw somewhere that they made 35 guitars in that model, and 35 of this model with the tune-o-matic in 2007. But I don't know if that is correct. Not too sure of the model number either. Because it is hand-written on, one could easily see different "letters" which could make up the model number (could also be read as SSDoucnH1, or SSDovcnH1). Anyhow, I digress...it does sound like sunshine....until you hit that Em7... cheers
  2. Thanks for the welcomes! 62burst, I was wrong on the Adirondack top... it is AAA Sitka spruce.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm Joe from Bowling Green, Kentucky. I'm originally from the Adirondack area in New York state and have lived in KY for the las t 28 yrs. I currently have 2 Gibson acoustics; 2007 Custom Shop 1960's Dove Special, and a 2013 Custom Shop Keb Mo Bluesmaster. There's nothing quite like a Gibson acoustic. I was wondering if someone could tell me more about the Dove... I have searched the web high and low and can't find anything anywhere (pics or info). It has the tune-o-matic bridge. Serial # 01387004. Label says: "1960's Dove". On the second line of the label it says "Special". The model# is handwritten on the brochure (SSDovenH1). It's a beautiful Cherry burst on an Adirondack top with red maple flame on sides and back. It projects the high and lows so well and really booms when it's strummin' . It's been a mystery to me... Thanks in advance....see you on the forum!
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