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  1. It wasn't my intention to have the exact same discussion again, and I should've mentioned from the start that I want to build on April's thread. Back then it was about what I should do about the choices I have, and I surely received many insightful thoughts about these certain sunbursts. I made my choice already but since then I can't look at a Gibson again without judging its appeal by its sunburst first (well, if it's a sunburst model). So I wanted to lift this topic from April to a different level where it's less about what I should pick, but how you perceive the whole thinking around
  2. Hey there, during my journey to find "the" J-45 for me I was surprised in how many varieties they come, not only speaking about tone, but also about they way the look. Very light and fairly dark bridges and fingerboards, very tight and very wide grain in the top wood, very light coloured sunburst on the back and sides (sometimes even a brownish tone just like the 50's versions) to very black ones. I know that many people don't think about this at all - because after all it's all about how it sounds. And I wish aesthetics wasn't so important to me, but it is. And since I really love the J-
  3. I had the chance to play a J45 50s version while I was looking for a keeper. The neck is thicker than on the J45 Standard, but not much. It feels rounder, just like a C profile. I really didn't mind it. Soundwise, I remember it being fairly loud, boomy and with singing trebles. A little less warm than the Standard, but a bigger dynamic range. Reminded me a lot of a Martin D-18 I played before. But then again, the next J45 50s could have been so different in its tonal character. Oh - and I ended up with a Standard 🙂 Pat
  4. It's certainly uplifting to hear that I'm not alone with this feeling. And man, it could certainly be worse after hearing what some of you guys have experienced. Thanks for sharing your stories! One day later and I can at least look at it again without wanting to punch myself instantly. I guess that is part of the journey. But I wouldn't have minded owning an all new and shiny guitar at least for a couple of weeks. Well, when playing it the tone makes (and always will) make up for it - and all the future dings and dongs to come. No more playing without a strap security lock though. Regard
  5. Well, weeks and months of deciding between several J-45s, finally finding the one, being happy all over the place and the first best thing I do is... dropping it! I mean, what on earth?! I attached a strap to play comfortable while standing and that strap decided to detach at the back end soon after. The guitar went down quicker than I could realize it, landed top-first on the edge of a table - just before I instinctively catched it, preventing it from landing on the ground. What a way to welcome it to the family. The nitrocellulose lacquer has a visible dent, but as far as I can tell the wood
  6. Hi folks, As I'm still debating whether I should keep the J-45 Standard VS that I ordered recently I talked to two shop owners who each have a 50s Original Series J-45 all new in their shops. They both told me they're not sure the J-45 Standard will be continued after all, as they have no confirmation from Gibson whatsoever to get another J-45 Standard VS again (despite Corona uncertainties) and they couldn't think of why Gibson would release a 50s model alongside when there is little differences despite optics. On the Gibson website they're still describing the features of a "2019 mo
  7. Thanks everyone! I have to say that I do love that sunburst look, and I really want to stick to it. And Lars 68, the look doesn't change when changing the point of view. But I managed to find two more J-45's that just arrived. I'll give them the same pair of strings (one is from 2018, and I still don't understand why some shops would givee their guitars with completely dull and worn out strings to a customer to try and test them) and have a comparison session once again. Maybe I just need to hear some more J-45s, develop a better feel and ear for what makes them a J-45 and what sets them apart
  8. Sorry, that wasn't 100% clear. Due to Corona lockdown I ordered these guitars from different shops. As this is supposed to be a guitar I will hopefully play for the rest of my life with I didn't mind the struggle. It's very easy to change the saddles on A J-45 and turns out it did make a noticeable difference in sound. Not everytime, but sometimes! But around 5 years ago when I decided between a Cole Clark and a Martin (both Grand Auditorium styles) a small shop I went to here in Germany changed strings as well as experiemented with different saddles for me to be able to figure out which one w
  9. I'm currently searching for the right one, but 4 out of 5 were all decent so far, with one being fairly dull (no matter the strings and saddle exchanges) and one being exactly what I was looking for (except for some optical flaws). In general I would say each one is unique (they're mostly handmade after all), and that surely makes it worth it to compare a few. The models I compared were all from 2019 and 2020.
  10. Maybe that is just what I needed to read. You can get really caught up in details while forgetting the bigger picture. Thanks for your input!
  11. Thank you for all your input! I sent back #1 and #3. But I'm still unsure whether that off center burst is something that will always bug me when looking at it, no matter how well it plays. I wish I was able to simply overlook it, but no matter the angle, I think it's very apparent: I found another dealer with a new J-45 Standard and asked for pictures. Well, here's another one with an off center burst, even though not as bad as with my current #2 (just compare the distance right and left between saddle and binding downwards): I'm not quite sure if it's just me minding that
  12. First of all thank you for the warm welcome and great responses! I'm happy about receiving that much food for thought on the topic and maybe it will help somebody else in the future picking the right J-45. I reckon choosing a Gibson is all about looking past imperfections and if you put some effort in it, you might be rewarded with a sound no other guitar in the world could give you (That's at least how I'm staying positive about picking a Gibson guitar, haha). What I'm really taking away is that tone should always be above anything else - and that (while some guitars do open up eventuall
  13. Hey there, first off: I've been a silent reader for quite some time now and just recently signed up as a forum member. Happy to be here! Also, I'm not a native speaker, so I'm sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes in advance. With my first thread I'm hoping to get some input to help me making a decision on a new guitar (I also posted on the Acoustic Forum, thought it might be good to get different opinions). After playing for some years now I've been saving up money to buy my dream guitar, the Gibson J-45 Standard VS, hopefully being able to play it a lifetime. I read a lot abou
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