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  1. Does "flamed maple" mean laminate? I know the top is carved spruce and the mahogany is also solid, but not sure about the maple backs. Thank you for any insight. Tom
  2. Does anyone have an opinion on the quality of a Kalamazoo made ES 347, one year before Gibson moved to Nashville? Interesting reading on how the factory slowly reduced to fewer employees and lower production by this time. Just wondering if the quality of production also diminished as they started to close down. Thank you, Tom
  3. Yes, that is the area, John. Thank you for that update. Much appreciated, Tom
  4. Thank you for that reply, Sgt. Much appreciated.
  5. Is it typical that the neck heel--joint underneath as it abuts the pickup--is rough or unfinished? I'm assuming it's placed on the body as raw wood, but not sure...
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