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  1. I bought one as a Christmas gift to myself in 2016.The '57 classic pickups are about tone, not power...they are very close to the old Gibson sound...Clapton,Page,Joe Walsh, etc...plug the guitar in and adjust the height till they talk to you...I have owned maybe 8 Les Pauls since the early '90's, and this one is my favorite. { see NO QC issues with it at all, and IMO, most of that is just internet bullshit. These were ordered from Gibson by Sweetwater in the US, and then by whoever else wanted a quantity of them. Gibson does not release the number of guitars made for any special orders, but
  2. Just going from 10's to 11's won't require much of a change, if any, to intonation, MAYBE a tad on the truss rod, but maybe not....if you were making a jump say from 08's to 12's, it would be a bigger adjustment, but still, nothing terrible. Les Pauls are very solid and people play any style and any strings on them with no ill effects. I found it easier for me to manipulate 11's rather than lighter strings, and I find Ernie Balls still feel and sound best for me, too...they have a direct line of Slinky strings from the 08 through 12's, FWIW...
  3. Before you go changing anything, spend some time and adjust the pickup height and put a set of good strings on it...I have not had any problems with Squeir Telecasters at all. Quality is very good, sound and play great. I wouldn't worry about the tuners, either. Enjoy it!
  4. Beware...I got a 2016 T just like yours for a Christmas present for myself...and wound up buying a 2007 Firebird in white a month ago so I now have 2...they. grow on you. I had never played one before, either, but I love them now.
  5. Dear Epiphone...you did it again - designed built and sold us a GREAT guitar...then stopped making it. This 2010 Wilshire is an incredible, versatile and great playing guitar...I guess that wasn't enough...Well, I'm keeping mine, anyway.
  6. t Yeah, that's it...Full size Alnico humbuckers....had a communication problem with the seller, but we are good now...but it won't be here til Wednesday or so...IMO, this is a better guitar than I thought it was...
  7. Just found from the seller - it's NOT a worn finish version, but a Wilshire Limited Edition Custom Shop, which probably makes it an older version, with the Alnico Classic and Alnico Classic Plus full size humbuckers... I have no experience with that model, but I'm really anxious to get it now...
  8. I had one of these in "Aged Cherry" a few years ago, and sold it...and soon wished I had kept it. Just saw one for sale, in Ebony, last night online and bought it immediately...should have it late this week. Comes with a hard case, too, $225... They are really good playing guitars with lots of sound and the Epi mini humbuckers are the best. http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Designer/1966-Worn-Wilshire.aspx More when I get it...
  9. I had one of these in "Aged Cherry" a few years ago, and sold it...and soon wished I had kept it. Just saw one for sale, in Ebony, last night online and bought it immediately...should have it late this week. Comes with a hard case, too, $225... They are really good playing guitars with lots of sound and the Epi mini humbuckers are the best.
  10. A great European jazz combo featuring Jens Larsen on guitar, playing his Epiphone Sheraton II... I THINK he uses Bare Knuckle pickups... Jens Larsen's online site (one of them, anyway...) https://jenslarsen.nl/lessons-2/
  11. Just found this and thought it might be useful for people not experienced in doing minor adjustments to their own guitars... http://images.epiphone.com.s3.amazonaws.com/Media/Manuals/EpiOwnrsManul.pdf Enjoy Mark
  12. I have one "modern" re-issue MM, a 2010 singe cut in ebony, with the single coil in place for maybe one more day...then it will be replaced with a DiMarzio DP 189, a twin rail humbucker designed fore Strats, but that looks like a drop in to the MM single coil spot...My 2010 also has a TonePro's wrap around tailpiece, which I find is just great...The guitar is very fast, very easy to play, and just resonates...a great rock & roll guitar...My OTHER MM is a factory stock, but beat-up 1965 double cut in cherry...a little gem. I don't think there are any really BAD Melody Makers, kind of li
  13. Coming back to this thread...I sold both my reverse sunburst MM's...I now have 2 of the 2008 single pickup MM's in all black, a very thin application that lets wood grain and pores show, and puts out lots of sound...AND I just bought a beat-up 1965 double cut MM in Cardinal Red, should be here next week. I have been selling a lot of my guitars lately, and will be selling a bunch more next week, and buying Gretsch and odds and ends...a 1950's Vega acoustic arch top jazz guitar, and an' 80's Carvin double cut, all maple and about 12 pounds, ebony. I just stumbled across the '65 Melody Maker an
  14. Try LaBella if you like an older '60's sound - Great strings!
  15. I'm about to do the foam plastic trick on my 2016 Firebird T. I LOVE that guitar other than the stupid floppy pickups.
  16. A beauty! I have a similar Honeyburst with uncovered pups...best Les Paul I ever played! Enjoy it.
  17. Lube the slots with graphite - pencil lead - no problems. I have 3 Les Pauls now, and had 2 others in "the old days", and never noticed a problem with them going out of tune. Are you sure you know how to correctly install your strings?
  18. I REALLY LIKE the white ones...If I had not just bought another Gibson bass, I would buy an EB4 now.
  19. It's still on the way here, still in Texas last I checked...I wanted one of the older ones, before hey moved that big pickup toward a middle position...This one APPEARS to be an early '66, before they made changes to the design...I'm anxious to actually see it...FWIW, I bought it from Guitar Center online from a single photo, but I have bought a LOT from them online and they will take returns with no questions if there is a problem with it... It's at the 3rd city in Texas...they must have sent it by mule...
  20. Started playing on a Danelectro Longhorn bought used in 1963...Never got used to Fenders...but I did play a re-issue Telecaster Bass in the '70's...Now my "long scale" basses are 2 '86 Guild Pilots, (one fretless that I'm selling)... along with another Danelectro Longhorn, and my just-bought today 1966 EB 0...still enroute from Texas, and I'm really looking forward to it. It seems to be an earlier '66 before Gibson "improved" it...it's well used, beat up and dinged, much like me and all factory original, and it will have a good home, running through a 2016 Acoustic bass amp with TI jazz flats
  21. I never owned a Gibson bass, and have been playing since the mid 1960's.. AWAYS loved the look of the earlier EB 0, with the massive pup right beneath the fret board...Just bought a 1966 example that has the old style bar bridge, and what looks like all original factory fittings...The bass is heavily used and has dings, etc, but plays well, which is all I wanted...I'm going on 70 and a bass with a good fast neck and light weight appeals to me... Any EB 0 players here? what strings do you recommend - flats or rounds? Any thoughts on these old machines? Thanks.
  22. A GREAT players guitar...has all the "upgrades" - great sounding hot pickups, very well made but not fancy. AND has the split coil feature...find one on sale and buy it. You will love it. Got myself one for christmas 2015...be sure to get a solid hard case for it, too.
  23. I have bought used instruments from Guitar Center for more than 5 years now, have been let down by 2 of them, both returned for a full refund with NO problem at all. I just got a brand new 2016 Gibson Les Paul from z Zounds yesterday...again, very good price, very very fast shipping and NO problem...and an excellent guitar. Go with a BIG online seller and you will be fine. BUT avoid private sellers on eBay and similar sites. You can return unsatisfactory items there, too, but it's a drawn out process... At least online you get a pic and you can do research on what you find you like...and
  24. It' s just what i had been looking for...NOTHING "extra", an old style Les Paul with a fat neck. The pickups are the best modern humbuckers I ever played, fret work is great. Very comfortable to play...even smells good! This was a special order from Gibson for z Zounds, and it looks like they are down to the last few...For $1800, I think this is a steal. They list at over $3300...
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