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  1. Watching American graffiti :)

  2. time for some guitar :)

  3. Getting ready for work

  4. Looking to do something tonight.

  5. I have decided im going to learn klingon

  6. bored, nothin to do till 5

  7. well i have the factory nut. lol it was never replaced. hmm i have one tried super mullets
  8. i have played may types of strings, earnie balls are my personal favs. i tryied gibsons and they were ok, daddario strings are amazing to, i hate ghs strings, i also like pure nickels. slinkys just have that feel
  9. yes earnie ball makes a set in .10-.50! im interested in trying them, however im worried about fit in the nut slots and whatnot
  10. I want to know what people prefer to play with. I am dedicated to my earnie balls. i typically use 9's but i am interested in their specialty set with a wound g string any thoughts?
  11. Hey all, i know the sg zoot suit has been out for a while but i wanted to know everyones opinions on it. I have played one at guitar center it was fun to play, but at the same time i was thrown off, a laminate body was a weird step for me, on of my beginner guitars i have is laminate, but its still fun to play, the zoot suit just didnt seem right to me. for me it was an sg, but it seemed to scream too much of hey look at me. and im not completely sold on the laminate body.. i will admit the carved top was nice, but i didnt like the feel of it. The clear pickups were cool, however i would like to see what happens to the bobbins in like 10 years of being exposed to air/smoke/whatever. Ok everyone join in and discuss. -Greg (aka angustonedog)
  12. Would hate one, sg's should only have a bigsby or maestro. I have afriend that has a floyd rose and hate it, i had a strat with a basic tremelo bridge and hated it. i cant play his because he always tunes down to drop d, and i play alot of standard e songs. floy rose is great if you like to really wank the bar(van halen) but besides that its a clunky system. ill stick to my stop bar tailpiece thank you
  13. I was curious on some recommendations on tone caps, and values on the caps too of course, i know of the orange drops, but i have stock ceramic disks
  14. Ahh yes the old factory seconds, i wish i could get a hold of one. my sg is my first amazing guitar, before it i played 100 dollar knock offs, so i was used to shitty instruments, then i got the gibby. i want a factory seconds just because. Apparently angus youngs sg from let there be rock the movie (the black deluxe with two pickups and a white full bat pickgaurd) was a factory second
  15. Ive played 8's before popped them in 2 days, but back to the point at hand where can i get a truss rod wrench for my sg?
  16. well i was wondering if anyone has swapped in emg hz h3s to tell me how they sounded
  17. I have moved the tailpiece up s little bit, and yeah 10's are ok but i have played 11's before and i hated it. I just like 9's like angus young
  18. Yes the 61 reissue is that amazing, also try the custom shop version which feels even better, the 61 has the 60's slim taper neck, although a cheap brownsville sg knockoff i have has an even slimmer neck. I am comfortable with adjusting the truss rod, however i cant find the wrench for it? also a minor thing is i have never touched the truss rod in the two years i have owned it, i usually have 9's on it but i put 10's on it cause i got them on sale, usuallly i string up with pure nickle super slinky pink pack. And has anyone every tried other saddles in their bridge? And yes i love my special.
  19. Alright, so in my 03 sg special i have the stock pickups but i also have a pair of emg hz h3's i got from a buddy for 20 bucks, i am thinking about swapping them in butg am worried about the value of the instument even thought ill never sell it, opinions?
  20. i dont really think i have problems with the nut, its just really tight even with 9's on it. like i play the 61 reissue at guitar center and its loose and fun and mine just seems so tight
  21. I have a 2003 sg special. The issue i am having is that my sg seems to be really tight. Im wondering if its because of the bridge, saddles or the tailpiece. I was thinking about replacing the bridge, i really love this sg. Im also debating between steel, brass, nylon, or graphtech saddles. and if i replace the tailpiece idk what to replace it with. There is the tp6 tailpiece, and other options. Then there is the issue of me wanting to replace the pickups.... so everyone lets brainstorm!
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