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  1. These threads have always driven me crazy. Best at what ? style, genre, type of guitar, overall ability, speed, taste, choice of collaborators, live, recorded, duration, recorded sales, frontman or sideman, popularity ? Best is way too subjective and open to too many variables. A few of my faves: Blues - Clapton, Beck, Guy, King (all of 'em) Winter; Acoustic - McKee, Kotkee, Fahey; Rock - Hendrix, Garcia, Lennon, Harrison; George (Lowell) Southern Rock - Allman, Collins, Gaines, Rossington Sidemen - Cropper, Lofgren, Campbell; Instrumental - Atkins, Paul, Feliciano, Segovia, Gatton; Country - Paisley, Moore. Just a few, I could go all night !
  2. I have a 95 Epi Firebird, not the studio. It has the raised center body grover tuners, bolt on neck and OBL mini-hums. I sounds like a firebird, unlike the current studios with the Alnico, full size pups I don't miss anything with the bolt on neck, but then again, Strats have always been my go to guitars. I'm a huge FB fan but I have to have the mini-hums for the sound. To each his own though, this is just MHO. You can't go wrong for the mojo, any way you look at it!
  3. Fairly regularly, there are a few of these promotional Epis that appear on my local CL. One guy has 2, a Molson and a Coors that he has been trying to sell for at least a year and can't sell them at any cost. Personally, I'd pay no more than $50 for one to refinish.
  4. Most of the recommendations given are great and any guitar equipped with SC's offer more quack and twang. IMO, most country sound also has a great deal to do with playing technique. Attack, pull offs, bends, harmonics, and generally greater use of dual note bends and two or three finger picking styles are critical.
  5. Through years and years of polishing aluminum parts for Harleys, Mothers aluminum polish is the best and eventually can make any piece of aluminum look like Chrome Twang. The operative word is eventually. Tons and tons of elbow grease involved, buffer wheels help but, IMO way too much work for a TRC. The other issue is oxidation and you have to re-polish on a regular basis. Isn't it a pain when good ideas for projects just don't quite turn out the way you think ? Don't let me disuade you though bro !
  6. [quote name=lpdeluxe (it's not the destination' date=' it's the journey). [/quote] This is what it is for me - the Journey ! I don't keep most of the guitars I buy for too long. I lke to buy, play, trade, play. I was the same way with Harleys for most of my life. Different experiences, nice variety, but rarely do I commit to long term guitar relationships. I won't part with my current Strats, my 95 Sheraton, my Takimine, or my wifes, 82 Ovation 1861 legend, everything else will eventually be sold for something else or more like traded as part of some deal. This process keeps me playing and working on alot of different guitars and eventually leads me to the occasional permanent preferences. I do the same with amps. I've had as many as 30 or so guitars, as well as 5 Harleyys at one time and as few as 1 of each. I lean more to the low side these days as time and $$$ are more of a factor than they used to be. What is the destination anyway ? I've never been good at confining my interests to arbitrary goals anyway !
  7. Congrats Charlie. It figures, I haven't been on in quite awhile and I come for a visit and you have another new family member. Excellent choice I must say. As usual, I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your reviews. If I was in the market, this would be the one, although I seem to be in a serious Strat phase at the moment ! I'd join everyone else and tell you to enjoy but you seem to be doing just fine bro.......... Peace, John
  8. I'm with the rest of the geezers here - mainly high frequency effect. most noticible to my wife over the last couple of years, and I really do listen to her, LOL. Too many years of Marshall Majors, Sunn Concerts, Vox Super Beatles, Fender Twins, Harleys with 3 foot fishtail open pipes, and self induced chemical influences with the occasional auditory side effect........ We didn't use monitors for most of the 70s and now and I have difficulty hearing myself in the mix with the hot spots that Bob mentioned. I usually have to use an earplug in one ear to hear myself sing. No regrets, I had some good times, and no damage that I can't live with.....provided it doesn't continue to deteriorate ! I can still play live and pretty much hold my own without embarassing myself..... I don't embarrass easily tho !, LOL
  9. I would recommend the GFSs. They are great PAF sounding pups and inexpensive to boot. The work great on the semi-hollows bro.
  10. Charlie pretty much covered it, you really can't compare the 2. They are both great and have advantages to different applications and types of music. IMHO, there's nothing better that blues rock on a Firebird V with minis, but I'm really more of a Strat guy so I love SCs as well. The 60 cycle hum is only really an issue for me when it is present in quiet venues. I play a Strat frequently in a Church contemporary group and have to switch my pup selection when not playing to a combination setting to quiet the hum. P-90s. I love the quack from them though that you just can't emmulate with any HB.
  11. Never had the problem, regardless of age of the guitar, manufacturer, or any other variable. I religiously wipe my guitars down quickly every time I play them and always keep them in hard shell cases !
  12. Never had the problem, regardless of age of the guitar, manufacturer, or any other variable. I religiously wip my guitars down quickly every time I play them and always keep them in hard shell cases !
  13. I agree with Ricochet on this, I like my necks as straight as possible as well. As others have said, it appears as if your nut is not seated properly and I don't agree with your tech. While it may not be causing your issue, it will have an impact on tone. As Twang said, tusq nuts help. I got one from him for my Sheraton and it went right in with no modifications, seated properly and brightened up the tone a bit. From the best I can tell from your pics, the bridge actually looks kind of high to me. If the relief is what you say and the low E is all that is buzzing, it sounds more and more like a saddle burr or a fret issue. If you aren't able to resolve this yourself, it's probably not worth the aggravation, spend a couple of bucks with a tech, I'd suggest a different one that the one you used before. Good luck bro !
  14. I use D'Addario on my acoustics (12s) and GHS boomers (10s) on my electrics, both for as long as i can remember. I've tried some others but always go back. I use the Boomer 10s on my Sheraton but use a wound G (18). Elixirs are nice too.
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