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  1. I know I've been picky, but it's been unavoidable,😄😄😄😄. I also know I'll get used to it, but I just wanted to know whether it's a common thing or this has been a 'lucky' one. The guitar is just phenomenal, on the other hand. I also got a plain top R8 and, although they sound and feel completely different, this one is incredibly easy to play. It's got one of the most comfortable necks I've used so far. And despite this minor flaw, I've managed to get it in pristine condition at a reasonable price. It's been set up by a great professional. I've had a 2018 Tribute before (in Honeyburst), and I remember it came quite a bit rougher out of the box.
  2. Hello, guys. I've recently bought a 2nd hand 2018 Les Paul Tribute in Satin Gold finish. The guitar is just fine, but one thing is killing me. There's a irregularity in the paint along the line that marks the junction of the two maple halves of the gold finish. Both the seller and a friend that works as a guitar luthier (quite respected one, BTW) say it's normal, but I'm quite sure I've never seen something like this on any picture in the web. Is it really that common? Thanks you all.
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