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  1. This guitar also has one of the steepest neck angles I've ever seen on an SG, necessitating the bridge and tailpiece being raised. Check it out: I think I'm going to have to put a foam insert under the pickups to fix the angle of the pickups.
  2. Current crop: SG Special Pewter with ebony board (I changed the guard and knobs to black), SG 60s Tribute (crazy good, especially for the money), SGX with Ebony Board (I have a black guard for this but one of the screws has a stripped head and I can't get it out.) And the ones that I've let go: 61 Reissue Sg Special Teal Flip Flop finish. I don't have a pic of my old standard.
  3. The 60s tribute also has the super beveled edges if that sort of thing is important to you. With Gibson necks the combo of the neck profile with the fretboard/nut width makes a real difference. The 61 reissue had a flat/wide neck which I didn't find comfy at all (it also was too liable to bend under very slight pressure). The fatter profiled SG Special (which is slightly narrower at the nut) actually feels better in the hand. The 60s reissue is the perfect mixture of the 2. Here's the bevelling compared to 2 other SGs:
  4. Yeah they're great guitars. I updated this with a black guard and knobs. I also have black speed knobs that I'm considering changing to... I ordered a black tip for the toggle too but they sent the wrong size so I need to reorder one. I can't decide whether I like the silver pickups with this guard or not. I'm considering some chrome covers for them.
  5. For me the 61ri neck was too skinny (and so too unstable). I am primarily a Fender player myself and of the 6 SGs I've owned (3 current) the most playable neck with the best pickup combo to me is found on the 60s Tribute SG. The neck is a real treat to play. A perfect combo of Gibson and Fender. The Covered Burstbucker and Burstbucker 2 pickups are great too (these and 57 Classics are my fave by Gibson). They have great clarity and don't sound muddy like some buckers can. The bridge has the perfect amount of bite without sounding to brittle. The Grover tuners are great too, way more stable than the Kluson style ones. The only negatives with these guitars is the finishing of the fret ends. They need some final sanding/polishing as they are super sharp, especially up the fretboard. But at this price point that's no biggie. The rest of the fit and finish is spot on. Obviously this is just my opinion, but I have had The SG 61 reissue, SG Standard, SG Special Flip Flop finish, SGX and an SG Special Pewter. With Gibson necks I tend to prefer the Special versions however the neck on the 60s reissue is great (very similar to my LP Classic). You can get them new for a great price and second hand even more so. I traded a Squier Jazzmaster for mine.
  6. Thanks for the info, I'll call later today. And Kenan, the battery is fine, all the other keys tune fine.
  7. I'll be trying this out tomorrow. I have new black Plastics (inc pick guard) coming for my pewter SG. That guitar has a slightly more pronounced neck angle so the bridge sits quite high and the strings are resting on the back of the bridge. The tail piece would have to be raised higher than I'm comfortable with to prevent this so top wrapping will mean I don't have to raise it as high. I'll report back afterwards. My SGX had been top wrapped by the previous owner at some point and the tail piece had actually become grooved which could possibly lead to string snapping issues in the future. So that's something to look out for.
  8. One of mine died recently. I'm awaiting a response from customer services. If they won't replace the broken part I'll most likely just remove the whole system and buy a standard set of tuners. The tiny gears in these tuners are VERY fragile. Hopefully Gibson will sort it out for me.
  9. I'm a big fan of the system the stability/tuning has been fine. There has only been one negative, a pretty big one. One of my auto tuners has stopped working all together. I've tried taking it off and making sure everything was clean and fitted correctly however it just doesn't work. I did try to to contact Gibson about a replacement however I haven't had a reply as of yet. So it looks like my only option will be to take the whole system off and buy a set of new standard tuners. The tiny gears seem pretty fragile. Mine hasn't been knocked about or anything. It just stopped working. Has anyone else had a similar issue?
  10. You did a great job with the guitar. An Explorer is right at the top of my want list.
  11. It's a beautiful guitar either way. It's not unusual to see a variation in a model that only lasts a year or two, especially if they're transitioning from one version to the other. I have an SG that's a Pewter model that's essentially a cross between the SG Platinum and Pewter. 99% of the pics you'll find of my model have different plastics and a rosewood board. My SGX is the same, they were mostly rosewood but the one I have has an ebony board. I definitely prefer ebony on my Gibson guitars.
  12. I picked this up locally for a great price. I recently got an SG X and loved the ebony board and neck shape. I was planning on routing it for a neck P90 but Now That I have this there's no need to mess with the X. This is the Pewter model that's essentially the same as the Platinum but this has dot inlays and a black headstock, both of which I prefer. I have a set of Black plastics on the way so I'm gonna try them on it as it's a touch too silver for me right now. Tho the Black may look dumb with the silver pickups. It's one of the SGs with the more angled neck. You can see by the height of the bridge in the first photo. It means I'll have to top wrap the strings to get clearance at the back of the bridge as I don't want to raise the stoptail as high as i'd have to in order to clear the rear of the bridge.
  13. D'Addario 10s on all my electrics. Sometimes I use the 10s with the heavy bottom, mainly for down-tuning.
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