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  1. Jimi will always be the best... I believe all guitar players are inspired by Jimi in one way or another.
  2. i have been playing around with my Boss ME-20 today... it sucks alot of tone compared to when i run straight into the amp... safe to say i will stick to single pedals i think!
  3. i used to run a Boss ME-20 but i just dont use all the effects... now i just run a few pedals into my amp: wah, overdrive, noise suppressor, eq and tuner. and i think it sounds better!
  4. i must have been at school during the incident... one of the people my father worked with was on the plane... it must be the greatest tragedy of my lifetime and the 21st century
  5. i run the jcm2000 dsl50 head into a 2x12 marshall 1936 cab and im pretty sure you can get fairly classic tones on the classic gain channel with the crunch switch in and then play around with the presense and eq... i also have an SG standard and the 498t can be a bit too 'modern' at times so it does create an almost artifical overdrive in the ultra gain channel if you pull the gain too high...
  6. here is a review of the guitar which i did...
  7. Hi guys, as some of you may know i recently returned from my holiday in America. At one point i was in Ohio and went into one of the Guitar Centers to find a red strat with matching black headstock and pickguard and instantly recognised it as the American Select with the mahogony body and knew i had to try it out... I had already played a few deluxes and strat plus's at this point and the guitar clicked. However i was unable to buy it since i still had a while to travel on my holiday (down to Atlanta). During my stay in Nashville, Tennessee, i went into Guitar Center and found myself the very same guitar and decided it was the time and pulled the trigger at $1300. So here is my new stratocaster 'Eleanor' and her sisters :) Let me know what you guys think! Cheers, Larsson
  8. today i returned from Atlanta.... with me i have brought a guitar, i was in guitar center in ohio and spotted a Fender American Select Stratocaster which i really liked but wasent going to buy a guitar at the beggining of my journey but when i came ot Nashville i found the same guitar again which played even better, in guitar center as well, so i purchased it for $1300. the TTA reuinon got 50 cars together which was really cool and im going to try upload some photos of my guitar and the cars later on :) anyway im going to go play my new stratocaster :)
  9. Hey guys, im sitting here waiting for the taxi to arrive to take me to the airport as today i depart for Chicargo to spend 3 weeks in the states. Im going to be spending a few days in Chicargo then moving onto Hebron, Ohio, for the 1989 Turbo Trans Am reunion... After that im heading down into Kentucky and Tennessee to flying home from Atlanta. Ive got a bunch of guitar stores lined up, i think there is 8 guitar centers on the way and im sure i will find others, especially in Nashville. Just thought i would let you guys know, who knows maybe i will return with another guitar for my somewhat small collection :) Enjoy the holidays! Larsson
  10. ill drop up another video some time of the SG in the Marshall! for now im having fun with the acoustic :) glad you guys enjoyed it any suggestions for another acoustic song?
  11. im pretty much always on the bridge pickup in my pop/punk/rock band but when im jamming i love the neck for the blues :)
  12. Hey guys, recently i learnt my first acoustic/singing song which i have ever tried to do, i decided to go Sweet Child O Mine since i am very familiar with it... here was the result i gave it my own sort of twist. im not a singer by any means (only backing vocals in my band) but i gave it my best shot! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHr290yk21M let me know what you think! Cheers, Larsson
  13. head over to denmark street over in covent gardens... just a small street filled with music shops and several Gibson dealers there as well as some vintage stores! was there on the weekend to browse, i wouldent really suggest buying anything though prices are sky high!
  14. being 16 years old and rocking up to gigs with the equipment im blessed to have i get alot of comments... when i crank my jcm2000 half stack with the SG i get a lot of nice comments from people watching, others just ask how the hell i afforded the guitar ^^ love the guitar, brought it in Tampa Guitar Center from a big called Big Al in 2008 used for $1000 (this was when they were $1500 new) and with the exchange rate being so good it came out to £500 for me which is half what i would have payed over here for a new one... heading back over to the states this summer so see what goodies i can bring back with me... could it be a custom job :o maybe, the Malmsteen Strat is a huge temptation though :P
  15. heck for 800 bucks sounds like a good deal to me! they are kinda strange looking at first but when you look at it for a while they look really nice i think... and the p90/hb combo must be good!
  16. thanks! the picture is a bit old, maybe around 1 year or so... i brought it used in 08' and it has a small chip on one of the horns so you can see the wood through it but this is only when you look really closly also there are pick scrathes over the pickguard from when i was bad at guitar essentially... heading over to the states again this summer so who knows what i will bring back now that my budget is much bigger than last ^^
  17. here is my 05' Ebony brought over from the States two summers ago... Your guitar was made at the Nashville Plant, TN, USA August 3rd, 2005 Production Number: 177
  18. Hey guys, ive been loving the feel of my 375 Deluxe since i brought it back from Sweden last summer but the pickups arnt really doing it for me. the bridge pickup, a j90c, is so much more powerful than the neck js100, same as the middle position but i just dont use that one. so i was looking at putting some dimarzio pickups in there instead, replaceing both the bridge and neck and just cutting out the middle. i want a set of pickups which match each other in terms of output because i like flicking to the neck for solo's etc rather than using the bridge. i have looked at the air norton s and it have some nice specs and from what ive heard sounds rather nice, not to sure on the bridge. i also have the issue as to whether the pickups will fit in the guitar, im unsure of whether it is a 'F' spaceing in the bridge and the single coils i have seen have a little bit which sticks out the bottom but it has that then it wouldent fit in the neck of my charvel as it is a real tight fit for the current pickup. here a picture about the single coil being a tight pit(hope you guys can see) i was wondering if you guys could help me out here in terms of what pickup combo i could look at, i play rock and some metal but like the blues as well. any feedback would be greatly appreciated, Cheers, Larsson
  19. its a JVC HD Everio... did another video of a fairly heavy song i thought i would try my hands at some metal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oz2oLTRfKis
  20. thanks for the feedback guys! i think i might try do another video today, will see if i get the time. slightly painful to play but heck what else am i gonna do :)
  21. Already put this out in the lounge... but thought you SG bunch should get a seperate post. Road to recovery with my broken wrist here is 1 week in which the Beauty (05' Standard) and the Beast (DSL50) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiR5xUiynTg Cheers, Larsson
  22. Hey guys, so last week so i went back to the hospital expecting to get another cast on my left wrist which i broke about 3/4 weeks back snowboarding in italy, to my suprise they said it was fine and that i dident need to come back... so i have now jumped back onto my beauty and started playing, my dad recently purchased a camera so i thought i would make a quick video to show you guys... my playing is sloppy because of my wrist but hey i just wanted to see what the quality was like on youtube (amp is at low volume as well). let me know what you think :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiR5xUiynTg Cheers, Larsson
  23. i just saw it on an advert on tv and it was used by one of the guys in the backing band but i cant find a picture of it either
  24. Hi guys, this may seem like a bit of a werid question but does anyone know what the guitar is that the guy in the band on the TV show Glee uses? its some sort of a les paul shape sunburst guitar with black pickups but i cant really make out what it actually is, it has a cut away as well as a pickguard... if anyone knows what it is i would be really interested to find out, Cheers, Larsson
  25. Hi guys, so this morning i came home from a weeks boarding in sunny Italy.. i came home had a shower and headed off to the hospital to check out the injury i gained on wednesday on my wrist. i was sent into the x ray room and later found that i have broken my left wrist in two places :( now my guitar playing will have to be put on hold for a while as i have been told i have to have a cast on for at least one month.. just thought you guys would be interested to hear! and although i hurt myself on wednesday i thought the it was just a sprain and therefore carried on for another three days with the broken wrist ( maybe a mistake?) take it easy guys! Larsson
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