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  1. Honestly, I think I'm 51%/49% in favor fo the ES-330. To me it sounds a bit "fuller" and were I listening blind to the video would have no problem identifying which one was the Casino (has a bit more high freq.) Given that the electronics, body shape / construction are the same, the only differences will come down to poly vs. nitro and plastic vs. metal pickup covers. Who knows what strings were on each model too... How much would that affect the sound? Also, I have no idea how (or where) wood is sourced in Asia, nor do I know which species of wood are used in construction. Te
  2. I see that GC has the Royal Tan available now, but the other one is still a "pre-order." But they only need 1 "in stock" for this, which may actually be the case! I think a lot of people are waiting to see these in stores which I don't honestly think will happen all that much, if at all, any time soon. An earlier post in this thread said there was a sunburst one in stock somewhere already so it can't be a color thing, they might just be running these in very small batches once in a while due to lower than expected demand? I ordered mine through the local shop who, though technicall
  3. Honestly, it has got to be the lightest (electric) guitar I own. The only other one that comes close is a 60's Gretsch Clipper that is also fully hollow. Lighter than my Strat, lighter than my Tele. It is also the thinnest guitar I own -I had to get my tape measure out because I thought for sure it was only 1.5" deep on the body (nope, 1.75 exactly). My memory may be fuzzy, but there's no way that the MIK model I had was this thin. I can't find body depth measure online, but looking at pictures of the MIC model, there's a difference for sure.
  4. Confirmed, Made in China on the sticker.
  5. I have yet to find a problem anywhere on this guitar... Sound-wise, it's wonderful. I've been playing everything from super clean thru to raunchy Thorogood style riffs and this guitar delivers. I had a MIK model 15 years ago or so and, compared to this guitar, that thing was a TOY. I love it, I love it, I love it. A+++
  6. Its here! I am sooooo happy with the finish on this guitar; a lot lighter of a burst than I was expecting (which is a good thing). After plunking down the cash for the Royal Tan, I was beginning to second guess myself (based on the online photos) but glad I stuck it out! The back is absolutely stunning. And as good as it looks below, this picture does not do it justice. ...and the neck is perfect! I like the Gray / Blue case a lot. There were some questions as to where it might have been made but I have yet to find any sort of identification on t
  7. I just got a call too. Should be here early next week. So did they send you the wrong one or...?
  8. Ah! Good eye... Glad to hear that they are nearing the end.
  9. I actually asked a Gibson rep that question (as they have had my money since January) and was somewhat curtly told that they don't communicate that type of information to people like me and to keep checking with my dealer.
  10. Today, I was told April 28th for mine. The local shop I bought from talks to the Epi rep every couple of days.
  11. I have the same connector on the P-90's in my '05 Zephyr Blues Deluxe and am looking for replacement pups with the same connector as well.
  12. Phone call from dealer today... Gibson is now telling them 30-60 days for shipment, which means we are back to April, maybe even May. American Musical shows an arrival date of March 23 on their website. Who knows?
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