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  1. Well, that's good news - Thanks for letting me know. Along with with numbers being way off, the factory letters of "SL" not being on the chart of known variants worried me. If I was going to replace the saddles ( or anything else when needed ) is there a good way to determine the model so I could get parts? Is there a particular place online that is recommended? I'm going to start the cleaning tomorrow - I've neglected it for far to long. Again, thanks for your help.
  2. I bought this Epi Bass, new , circa '90. During the pandemic I thought I'd get it out and give it some TLC. In the process of learning more about it, I entered the serial number in the Guitar Dater Project but it comes back as unrecognized. I hope it's not a fake as the numbers do not seem to match up to the age I believe it to be. Any help would be appreciated. The rules say full front and back photos but with the size limit, that seems impossible. Here's a link to a Google photo album - hope it works. https://photos.app.goo.gl/jE9ZBdXRsS93jdYdA Shawn
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