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  1. Well, I started with the P90 and also with Gibson less than a year ago with this one - the cheapest Gibson in the catalog - and I love the look, the feel, the sound, everything about it. How does one know if it's a great guitar? You can never stop playing it, that's how. 😁
  2. Incredibly good music, never heard these guys before! The sound, the rhythm, the jazz, the bass solo, everything... 😁
  3. Nice wood pattern on the first picture, and the guitar is beautiful. This cutaway is interesting. It is probably because the maple top is thicker at the neck, then at the sides farther away, and the binding is uniform height. So, pure geometry. I assume the mahogany below is of the same height all around the guitar. I wouldn't notice it on the second picture, if I had not been told.
  4. Looks very high end! πŸ‘ The fingerboard is ebony? (seems too black for rosewood)
  5. Haha, and I thought this was a fishing-oriented topic! 😁
  6. This is not Gibson oriented, just great guitar-playing. The performance of these two guys is absolutely incredible. Plus, there's a hint of "Stairway to Heaven" right somewhere in the middle. MAJESTIC! 😎
  7. Of course. My thinking was that it might get too muddy, so that's why they don't do it. I was wrong here, they do make them!
  8. Do I see "Alnico II" on both? I thought those go up to like 5K max!
  9. I thought only Mike Oldfield plays the mandolin.πŸ˜‚ Joking aside, it's just another sort of guitar, which is longing to be played on. Go for it!
  10. Yes, that's true, agree 100%. I'm just saying they're doing a might good job doing it. Probably the only way... And that's on top of the #covid19 situation.
  11. One thing is true, we can trust the KKR guys to do what's best for Gibson. They saved the name, the process and the factory (two?), what's left is pure gold. Trust is the word!
  12. My estimation is this: There's a huge shortage of quality guitars and all pertaining equipment in the market (Gibson, Fender and all other names!) due to the stupid #covid19 pandemic. It will take years for the supply to stabilize. So, they did the right thing and oriented their efforts towards the products which are in highest demand and pay the best. That is pure math and any responsible entrepreneur will think and act that way. This brings long-term stability to the company, not just short-term profit. Good for Gibson and everyone else, including customers. Cheaper items will come b
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