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  1. Thanks man! I just installed the included Humidipak system and ordered the Humiditrak Bluetooth kit to be safe. Quick question. I’ve placed the guitars warranty card under the Humidipak that goes under the headstock area... will it get “wet”? I mean, do these packs actually exude moisture? I wouldn’t want my warranty to get wet...
  2. Will do! What about using the Humidipak with my weather type 85% humity year round...?
  3. the guitar came with those D’Addario Humidacks, that’s exactly what I was asking about. Should I use them on my kind of weather? Also, should I keep the guitar on it’s original case all the time? I’m asking since I’ve also bought a MONO M80 Case for gigging and was thinking about keeping it there... what do you think?
  4. Hi guys! Just bought a brand new J45 Standard and it came with a few Humidipack packs... I live in Peru where is very humid year-round. I’ve never owned a high-end acoustic and I know nothing about humidify it. Any help would be great! Thanks!
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