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  1. How muddy do you find the neck pickup? I have the 61R/T in my Les Paul and the neck sounds real muddy IMO
  2. I caved and bought it lol. Next on the list is a fender american ultra telecaster now that I have two SGs and an LP haha
  3. I have a 2009 SG standard and a 2019 Les Paul Standard 60's version. The Les Paul and the 61 SG Share the same pickups I'm really really leaning towards picking up the 61 SG but I just don't know if there will be a ton of difference between the tones from 2009 SG with the 498T/490R and the 61T/61R in the 61. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you all.
  4. How muddy do you guys find the neck pickup? I feel like my neck pickup is extemely bassy/muddy and I have to turn the volume down in order to hear both pickups with the selector in the middle position.
  5. I’ve been torn between getting a fender American pro telecaster or the 61 sg standard. I have a 2019 60s edition LP standard and a 2009 sg standard but dang I find that 61SG so tempting. But if I get a Tele or start I’ll fill significant holes in what I can do with my guitars in terms of tone. Thanks for your help!
  6. Good afternoon all! i just got my first tube amp. It’s a Marshall DSL 40 and it sounds amazing compared to the Marshall digital MG series amps I’ve owned. My question is when I play it on overdrive channel 2 it sounds like the speaker is vibrating too much at certain settings and almost like there is too much treble. Is this normal for tube amps and do I need to just break the amp in? When I play on the clean channel it sounds fine. The amp isn’t on a high volume and nothing is maxed out but it almost sounds like the speaker is vibrating too much maybe. Thanks for the help!
  7. That looks good too? Last question I swear. I guess I’m just worried because my SG neck looks completely sealed all the way around. Sorry for the poor image quality I couldn’t post a better photo because of size restraints.
  8. Lol thanks guys! Is this coloration normal? It’s like the glue between the neck and the joint.
  9. Your necks all broke from sitting on their stands?
  10. I guess I meant more can I pick it up by the neck joint and twist it around or hold it parallel to the ground one handed at the neck joint. So I can hold it up with one hand by the neck joint while I put my strap on. I’ve also seen videos of people playing les Paul’s and jumping around and I feel like what would put a lot of stress on the guitar since it’s so heavy idk lol. Just trying to not hurt my purchase lol
  11. How sturdy are the neck joints in Les pauls? I am trying to baby my new standard I mean can I pick it up by the neck joint with one hand and it will be okay or is that bad for the guitar? I have no qualms picking up my sg by the neck joint because it’s so light but I was just curious. Thanks for the feedback!
  12. Thanks so much for the help everyone!
  13. Is it normal for there to be gap with the white paint from the side of the neck and maple top? As you can see there is a little space and I just want to make sure the neck isn’t set wrong lol
  14. I’m looking for a good bag to keep my cables picks extra straps pedals and mini amp in. Does anyone have any recommendations? I have my hard cases for my SG and Les Paul but I’m just trying to keep my playing space more organized and less cluttered. I don’t want a gig bag per se just a bag or little vase where I can put all of my accessories and gear. Thanks for the feedback!
  15. Good day all, I recently picked up a 60s les Paul standard and had a few questions. The guitar I originally purchased was identified as having a bad neck pickup. The tech realizes the problem as he was setting it up for me. I swapped it out for another 60s les Paul and have a few questions. First off the pickup selector switch was loose so I had to tighten that up. Also the neck isn’t completely flush where it runs up against the neck pickup is this normal or ok? Lastly when looking at the guitar from the side I can see the nuts holding on all the knobs except for the neck volume knob. Are these things I need to worry about or are they fine to ignore? The guitar seems to play fine but I just want to make sure what I got is okay before it’s too late to return it and exchange it. Thanks for your help!
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